How To Style A Tiered Stand

multi tiered stand

I love to find new ways to display flowers and when the chance to work with Antique Farmhouse came up recently I kept that in mind when picking out a few things from their amazing collections...
sink with flowers

It all started with a sink full of flowers that I purchased at the grocery store and they were on sale {of course:~}}

french farmhouse style stand

This tiered display stand is incredible and can be used for styling so many things, but since it's spring I'm using it for flowers on my dining room sideboard. The bottles are vintage French yogurt bottles and I filled each with a bloom or two. You could also style a tiered stand like this with jelly jars and other bottles that you have saved or find bottles at the thrift shop inexpensively. Just plop a flower in each...I think that it looks so pretty!

french country cottage dining room

I can see how I'll use this for parties and gatherings to display and serve small bites. For autumn I envision the tiered stand filled with baby boos {white of course:~}} and the holiday season with Christmas ornaments and greenery...

See how I'm combining the elegance of crystal with the rustic nature of wood? I love to decorate and style that way with a pop of color from only the flowers...

wooden tiered display stand

While Antique Farmhouse may not have this tiered display stand at the moment, they generally do have a nice selection of stands and trays and the prices are so good that they quickly run out. You just have to keep checking in daily and personally I'm on their mailing list because I've bought from them before...

apples on a tray

Apples...did I mention how great display stands are for fruit on the kitchen island? 

collection of creamware pitchers

I also found a set of creamware pitchers over at Antique Farmhouse and I've been wanting these for awhile. I was happy when I saw that they come back in stock, and they are perfect for floral display and arranging. Mixing creamware with ironstone gives some depth and almost a "texture" to a collection when displayed...

floral display with creamware
shabbyfufu dining room

Simple style...a cabinet that we repurposed and I talked about how we added the farmhouse charm HERE. Pitchers displayed in groups don't necessarily need flowers in them, as grouping gives objects massive power...

ironstone and creamware on a shelf

Check back in with me on Friday morning as I join in with some of your favorite bloggers for a post that will showcase more on FLOWERS and how to style them!

*This post is sponsored by Antique Farmhouse but all opinions and the love are my own:~}