What To Spend Money On In Decorating Your Home

What to spend money on when you are decorating your home and how to accessorize inexpensively by shopping at thrift stores and yard sales

Classic looks, elegant feeling..but looking at this room furnished by Huntington House Furniture there are just a few key pieces of their lines and a few accessories. Less is more and it's about the careful shopping and going for the long haul decor that can be changed over the years...

You might think that I spend a lot of money on decorating our homes, but that couldn't be further from the case. My chairs above at the beach house were purchased on sale and we made the table (DIY)...

The white slipcovered sofa and loveseat are from Pottery Barn and forever keepers of quality...

Like most of you, I work within a budget and try to encourage others to take away ideas and know that you can live a comfortable life without much fuss or great expense. I save my dollars for the large things in decorating life and am thrifty {aka cheap} with the smalls. What are the large things that I advise spending on? A super comfy and very durable sofa, the best bed that you can afford and comfortable chairs for relaxing and dining. 

When I was a new bride I remember my mother-in-law advising me to invest in a good sofa when I was looking for my first piece of real, adult furniture. At the time it was Ethan Allen and the style was decidedly leaning towards country, rather than the modern glam that they transitioned to for the next generation of buyers. How ironic though that some of the pieces and styles that many of us incorporated in our decor 25 or so years ago could now be considered "farmhouse style" {thanks Joanna Gaines} and the wood paneling that we had in our homes is now the on-trend "shiplap". 

When you've been around as a homeowner long enough you do see the shifts and trends and what makes shopping at value spots like garage {yard, tag} sales, thrift shops and repurposing so much fun for changing up your home style. I've been shopping this way for years...maybe more than I care to admit to:~}}. 

This weekend while up at our beach home we spend a full day hanging out around town doing errands, eating out and some shopping was involved. Since I have been decluttering I don't plan on the yard sale-ing anymore, but if I pass one that happens to look juicy we hit the brakes...

There was one in the neighborhood that had all of these brass candlesticks and I paid $15 because I saw the potential in using them for entertaining. I'm going to repurpose them and will share that with you in another post soon! 

I used to go thrift shopping quite often when my on-line shop was a thriving entity, but since my focus has shifted I don't. There is one particular thrift that my daughter loves when she is up here at our beach place and I made a quick stop and found these. I love the rustic look of wood in the fall and know just what I'll use these for in terms of styling! Like creating a centerpiece down a long table and filling with moss balls...
Oh yes...they were 50 cents each and I'd call that a score!

Favorite 3 things to look for at thrifts?

1. Glassware

There is always so much of it and it's so inexpensive! I saw loads and loads of Mason jars and I didn't pick any up this time they are great for floral arrangements and crafting.

2. Single dishes and plates
One offs, cast offs...you'll often find single plates marked at 25 to 50 cents a piece at thrifts and they can be used under plants and grouped together by color along at a luncheon or dinner party. I often do both of those myself!

3. Faux flowers for crafting
Priced well and can be used to make wreaths and garlands mixed in when you are short of the real thing.

Have a great week!