Coastal Decorating Finds For Refreshing A Bedroom

floral master bedroom decor

A before shot of the master bedroom up at the beach house. Now before you go thinking that I'm nuts or hatin' on me, please note that the bedroom has been this way since we purchased this place and I think that's about 13 or 14 years now. My husband actually was the one who was completely on board and...

vintage french cabinet and chaise

understands my need for change. He works in the business, so he gets it and accommodates a steady stream of client's who are constantly updating their spaces too. I want to modernize the room in some ways, although I am not a fan of really modern design and he is. So...

The cabinet above has been moved into my walk in closet (fortunate to have my own:~}} and the TV that used to be inside of it has been donated. I am using it for a functional dresser and can still enjoy it tucked away. 

feminine floral decor shabby chic

On the opposite side of the bedroom is the bed and for now I'm hanging on to the French caned headboard. It's an old one...was given to me by a designer friend years ago and I'm partial to it. Maybe I'll paint it...not sure at this point. Above the bed hangs a Christie Repasy painting in an antique frame and my husband really wanted to "de~rose" the that's going. It's available if anyone who reads this is interested...just contact me. 

The painting has been sold.
The floral rug has been sold...

vintage french nightstands

The pair of nightstands are coming home with me and I plan on repainting them and using here at our home. They are lovely, but the scale is just a little small for that room and I believe that they will make a better fit here. I feel extremely fortunate to have two homes to play with and to decorate. Indeed...

mirrored bedroom nightstands beach house

I've been doing some sketching and brain sketching too and I was searching for some nightstands that were mirrored, but still had that casual beach bleached wood type of vibe and I think that I found them. It's not easy to find something like this because most mirrored furniture is very Hollywood glam, and that's not my aesthetic. These are on the way and I'll show you how they look in the room soon! The price was very reasonable and you can find them in THIS SHOP at Wayfair. I LOVE shopping Wayfair and do so often :~}}

gold quatrefoil table
With the large cabinet tucked away in my closet, I now have room for a small table next to my French chair and ottoman. It's much more functional to have a table there than a cabinet so that I have a place for my coffee when I'm sitting. I found the GOLD QUATREFOIL TABLE for around $100 and I can't wait to get it! 

best round driftwood mirror

I'm looking for a mirror and although I haven't ordered one yet, this might fit the bill. I love a nice DRIFTWOOD MIRROR so will see if I have a spot for it in the room...

See you on Friday for another coastal post featuring some talented blogging friends and for more BEACH HOME decor look for it under the CATEGORIES dropdown up top...