Over Fifty and Owning It In The Blogging World

Blogging over fifty

I've been blogging for about 9 years now and what started as an extension of my on line designing and selling business has grown to take on a life of it's own. I'm going to totally own it and be transparent here that as time quickly passes and the world of the internet changes beyond rapidly, I sometimes feel a little lost in my place. Did I ever think that I'd be giving up a lucrative selling career to photograph and write, to teach, mentor and to work with brands? No, and I really didn't think about it...
but things sometimes just seem to fall into place as if there is a plan. A plan much larger than yourself and it's all just part of the journey...

We try not to compare ourselves with others and I think sometimes that might come with the wisdom of age. We are better, wiser and smarter. We feel as if we are 30 in our heads and yet not outwardly when we visit the mirror first thing in the morning. But we've learned so much from our experiences and living and we want to share. We have so much to share...as women and as bloggers.

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Our nests are often empty and we have the luxury of time to think and create. Maybe we can't do it all anymore, but maybe we've done it all and have the wisdom to pass along...

But I struggle sometimes in finding my own place and voice amongst the enormously popular younger bloggers that are populating the scene once belonging mostly to us. They are often referred to by the moniker of "mommy bloggers", but not all are simply mommies and that perhaps can be somewhat insulting. Many of us know what a big job raising a family is and having that sense of community is a wonderful thing! The Dr. Spock books that we read when we needed to know how to get our child out of diapers is now replaced by a caring community of bloggers who love to share their thoughts!

blogging over fifty facebook group

Recently I started a new community on Facebook for bloggers over fifty and it's been growing quickly. We are women who have knowledge and power and in the blogging community we really are just that...community ~ and we need to find our place of support to grow. I have some thoughts for you that several of the bloggers in the group shared and if you are on Facebook and would like to join us...please let me know!

From Pam at Biscuits and Burlap (above) who is fortunate to blog with her daughter...

"This is somewhat of a double-edged sword for me.  I'm not only an older blogger, but an older new blogger.  I can see challenges and blessings for all of us, but starting out as an older blogger presents its own set of difficulties.  
I mean, with all my heart, that I would not be embarking on this endeavor if it weren't for having a younger partner, my daughter, Sara.  The help she brings to our partnership in the form of perspective from a younger, more technically-savvy blogger is priceless.  On the other hand, I would like to think that I bring a mature, calm, Its-All-Going-To-Work-Out perspective that gives us a balance that many solo bloggers wouldn't have, young or older.
Speaking strictly for myself I would have to say that this blogging business has me saying to myself one minute "I feel so old.  I'm never going to figure this out" and the next minute "Wow!  This is so cool.  I feel like a kid having figured this out".
As it stands right now, I wouldn't trade this for anything.  I love what I'm doing and I love that I'm doing it at this stage of my life.  I love that I'm doing it with my only daughter and I'm finding it to be the ride of a lifetime!"

From Mary in Greece (above) of the Boon Docks Blog...

She's talking about connections here:
"I was however, fortunate to follow bloggers who were kindhearted and helpful with information and nudged me along on the right path.  I have made friendships with bloggers of all ages because this beast called blogging knows no age boundaries. And surprisingly many of my friends are not in the DIY home niche. There are so many talented people out there who freely give their knowledge and wisdom on topics ranging from food to parenting, blogging and even how to build a canoe. And you can trust them because they are not selling you a product but they are giving you their experience.  I only wish I had more hours in the day to read more blogs."

From Debra of the blog (above) Shoppe No 5...

"I constantly wonder why I decided to start a blog at the age of 62.  Prior to that I thought about it and went back and forth in my mind. I tell myself I am doing my brain good by learning all of this, especially the technical side.  Something I never anticipated when I retired.  
Now I have the confidence in myself.  Back then I did not.  So that is an advantage of having lived and having good and bad experiences. 
I am finding this new career of mine is a 48 hour day, every day job.  Yes I know we only have 24 hours in a day but I could sure use an extra 24 hours.  This is a very satisfying career although I do hit some low points.  But that is normal.
I have met so many nice people from all over the world who think and feel like I do  I find that fascinating and enjoyable."
From Laura of the blog (above) Canucky Woman
"Blogging as a 50-plusser isn't so much an issue. Finding a community is more a problem. I admin a blog design Facebook group and I'm surrounded by mommy bloggers or young makeup bloggers. And with only a few exceptions, the "influencers" tend to be younger and send you these chatty newsletter updates about stuff that I haven't done or thought about doing in 30 years! But they're trying to relate to women like them, right?"

From Florence who blogs at (above) Vintage Southern Picks...

"As an older blogger in my niche of loving vintage, shopping yard and estate sales, I wonder what I have to offer, and how I can possibly compete with the young, hip bloggers who are decorating their homes on a budget beautifully. I admire what they do, but I'm at a different stage of life where we already have too much stuff and are ready to downsize. As an older blogger, I'm on a different page now, but I believe there is room for all of us because we are all at different stages."

And from Maria who blogs at (above) Simple Nature Decor...

"Blogging has been amazing experience. As an older bloggers I have felt very welcomed in many of the groups that primary consist of younger bloggers. My kids are in there 20,s so I can relate easily to this age group. It also has been a big learning experience!"

what it means to be a blogger over fifty

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