How To Make Oil Lantern Candles For Summer

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Are you a candleaholic like I am? Flowers and candles are two things that I do treat myself to on a regular basis and today I'm sharing a DIY that gives a great look and it's very inexpensive to the point of being almost free! Read on and you'll see what I'm talking about...

plumeria blossoms

We planted a couple of new trees in our garden out back this weekend. As we were out there cleaning up we noticed a bunch of Plumeria blossoms that had fallen on the ground from a large tree and were simply too pretty to toss. 

The idea struck me...I had done this before. Most of the directions are on THIS POST from the holidays and will apply to what I'm sharing today...

oil lantern candles diy

Not only am I a candleaholic, but apparently a jaraholic as well :~}} I don't throw jars away and use them for food storage as well as candle making and so much more.

how to make oil lanterns

I placed the Plumeria blooms into these jars but decided to do something a bit different this time around...

supplies for oil lanterns

The water has been tinted with a scant drop of pink food coloring just to look extra pretty and festive. Notice I said "scant"...not to go overboard or you won't be able to see the flowers.

pink candles for summer

 You'll be able to purchase the supplies that you might need in the holiday post mentioned above. At the risk of being redundant, they are only a few dollars so it's a bunch of pretty for just a few dollars! Here is the essential supply {affiliate} that you will need and it's inexpensive! 

seashell candle diy

For these oil lantern candles I filled with jars with seashells and beach glass and it's perfect for a coastal look and summer time parties! I can't wait to use these at a summer party at the beach house soon and you can definitely customize with your own ideas. 

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shell candle diy

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oil lantern candle diy summer