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It's been long overdue in the house that we get around to some touch-up painting and here's why. I am a bored decorator and am constantly moving things around, including what's hung on the walls like mirrors and sconces. So when My Paint Saint reached out I jumped at the chance to make my painting life easier and try out their product. Let me tell you right off the bat that I only recommend products that I have tried and like and will fit in with my lifestyle. This will fill a need that I have and yet never really thought about until now.
My Paint Saint
If you haven't heard of My Paint Saint allow me to explain...

It's a container that is much more than that and truly one of those brilliant ideas for an age old issue! In this case the issue is that your walls are looking shabby. I'm a fan of shabby {obviously:~}} but NOT on my walls and there were so many holes and scuffs that we decided we needed to go through the house and do some touching up. It's easy to do because we have one color on the walls in the whole house, but have a big house and can be time consuming. If you are curious, our inside walls are all painted with Benjamin Moore White Dove...a white with a whisper hint of gray. 
touch up a wall painting

First came the spackling and I leave that part to my husband who is much faster and more professional with that job than I am.
how to touch up paint

Then the painting with the handy My Paint Saint container carried around the house making it easy.
touch up my paint saint

My Paint Saint is a container to store and use with your own favorite paint color for your walls, trim and whatever painting projects that you may have. The genius part of this handy "tool" is that the container comes with lid that screws on and has a paint brush inside! You open it by unscrewing the Mason jar type of metal ring and the brush is attached to the lid. The brush is generously sized for your projects and of high quality bristles. We painted all around the house for a couple of hours and I didn't see a single bristle come loose. 
There are two ledges inside to wipe excess paint off the brush as you dip in and that makes it less messy than wiping your brush while using a rusty old paint can. The brush is actually part of the cap and if you have to set it down while working you just set it inside the My Paint Saint container and it will never dry out or get lost.
benjamin moore white dove

The container has a space for writing the color on and any other information that you might want to refer to, like what room you use that color in. So smartly designed and it came out of a need seen by inventor Mark Lacy after his early years working maintenance in the hotel industry. He took his idea to a Kickstarter campaign and has seen huge success! Learn more about the company on their website
I created a quick video that shows the ease of use...

paint white wall

The lid attached to the brush acts to keep excess paint from dripping, so you get nice clean coverage and no cleaning up the floors. 
my paint saint containers

When you are finished painting you simply put the brush inside and screw the lid back on and NO BRUSH CLEANING is necessary and the container is air-tight with a rubber gasket inside.

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I'm pretty sure that you'll agree and love keeping your paint handy for touch-ups in My Paint Saint. I have a DISCOUNT CODE for you to take 15% off any MPS purchase for one week only with my Amazon Affiliate link.  Once you have any of the My Paint Saint products in your cart for check out, just apply the promotion code CUH8PV45 for 15% OFF your purchase!

I partnered with My Paint Saint for this post but all thoughts are my own.