Simple Coastal Design In The Master Bedroom

blue shutters mantel screen

When I was growing up I could stand the heat of summer without minding and throwing all caution to the wind while playing outdoors with the liberating love of school free days. Fast forward to adulthood and a whole bunch of.

pink peonies in a blue bottle

years now under my belt with responsibilities and less time on my hands for relaxing and I'm inside the house more often while looking out. 

I've been working on my home simplification project when time permits, decluttering and organizing. Looking inwards, planning some future projects and moments. Feeling grateful for this amazing roof over my head, air conditioning and this amazing view that I shot via iPhone the other day.

swimming pool with palm trees

Thinking about the day while catching some pink reflections in the pool= perfect :~}

summer mantel

The mantel in our master bedroom received a restyling with a nondescript coastal feel. Nothing too obvious these days.

A blog reader had asked me on our FACEBOOK page "where do you store the stuff...the styling objects"? As I mentioned I'm trying hard to let go and to organize because truth be told this house is quite large but is severely lacking in storage! The vintage blue shutters and other large objects are kept in the garage and I put this vignette together in less than 5 minutes by knowing where everything is and all in a specific place. 

beach cottage mantel coastal mantel

A closer look.

coastal decorating ideas

And closer still...with an aqua jar filled with a few pink peonies and several seafans found on the beach. That's all...simple and as I get older I find that I crave simplicity more and more.

french country cottage design

A simple corner of our master bedroom that doesn't really change much over the seasons. The faded velvet tufted vintage chair that looks washed by the sea and the petite antique French nightstand that I painted years ago are constants. Sometimes I have flowers on the little table, but for right now it's a large conch shell with a whisper of pink.

pink peonies with aqua

I feel that if you keep your accent colors towards blush or barely there, you can get away with mixing up and using lots of variety. Be a rule breaker if you want to and don't just stick to two or three accents as some designers might tell you to.

sea fan decorating projects

vintage tole chandelier

I've had this vintage tole chandelier that you see in the photo up above hanging over the chair for probably 20 years now. It's one of those pieces that I don't know if I'll ever sell and is timeless. The beading that is original makes this one so special.

white tufted headboard

For now I decided to strip the bed of any and all color and keep the linens just a cool white. One of the questions that I get asked most often is what is the wall color. We used Benjamin Moore White Dove that is one of those softly tinted shades in grey. I'm also asked a lot about the white tufted headboard. I've had it for at least 5 years now and it stays clean with no issues at all.

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