Guest Post | Nancy at Slightly Coastal - Creating A Topiary

Hi friends...I hope that your week is going well. Today I have the pleasure of sharing from another guest host, who is a friend of mine from Facebook and lives here in Florida like I do. She has a really fun gardening DIY for you today and will explain how to create a French style topiary from a shrub! Now I'll turn it over to Nancy for you to read how...
Greetings! I'm Nancy and I blog over at Slightly Coastal where I write about turning our builder grade coastal home into a French Country home with a coastal twist. I have loved reading Janet's beautiful blog for so long and am always blown away by her gorgeous photos. Therefore, since you and I both love Janet's blog so much, I feel like if we met in real life we would have to become friends. If we could sit and have a cup of coffee together at some overpriced latte cafe, we would totally pull out our phones and compare pictures we have pinned and talk non-stop about how we want to put these ideas into practice in our homes. I would show you all the pictures I have pinned on my Topiary Pinterest Board and gush about my love of all kinds of Topiaries. We would completely agree that a DIY topiary is entirely within the realm of our own ability and we would agree to drive over to the Garden Center and pick out everything we need for this project. Cue the DIY Topiary Tutorial-It really is so easy it hardly even needs a tutorial. :)

Step 1: Decide on a plant

For this tutorial I used a shrub called a Thyallis shrub. But there are a lot of options you could use to create a topiary such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, holly, and boxwood. The key is to look for a plant that has a few really straight stems in the middle that have nice full foliage toward the top. This is a picture of a Thyallis shrub as you would find it at the nursery.

Thyallis Shrub

Step 2: Pick the perfect pot and plant it

Don't overlook this step. I'm obsessed with the perfect pot for a topiary. I painted this pot because I wanted it to have a weathered look and I knew the only way to achieve it was to paint it myself. If you don't want to paint your own (I totally get most people won't want to do that) a plain Terra Cotta pot is always a great option that provides a traditional French Country feel.

I used a thrift store pot I picked up for a few dollars to create this weathered pot for a DIY topiary

Step 3: Tie the stems

Pick two or three stems in the center of the plant and use twine to tie them together with a knot at the bottom. I used regular twine I purchased from Wal-Mart in the craft section. If possible, find a volunteer to help hold the stems for you so you can pull the twine nice and tight.

Tie the stems of an ordinary shrub to create your own DIY Garden Topiary

Step 4: Trim the branches

Find a point about 2/3 up the stem and start trimming everything below that point off. This is really a quick process until you get around the top. Take your time and step back every once in a while to check the balance of the top of the topiary. Just like getting a haircut, once you cut it off you can't put it back on so make sure before you snip.

Trim branches of an ordinary shrub to create a DIY Garden Topiary that won't break your budget.

Step 5: Wrap the twine up the stem

I did a criss-cross pattern with the twine because I thought it was cute and cinched the stems in. Once I reached the top I tied the twine into a bow and let the tails of the bow hang down. Then I took a step back to see if there were any stems that needed trimming. That's it! So simple right?

Use twine to tie up the stems of a shrub to create a DIY topiary
I loved it so much I decided to create a little "moment" out on our new paver patio to enjoy some morning coffee before the heat sets in.

Find out how easy it is to create this simple DIY Garden Topiary with a step by step tutorial.  You won't believe how cheap and easy it is!

I love how it turned out.

This cute garden topiary was really easy to create and was very affordable.

It is such a bright spot and just makes me happy.

A yellow Thyallis is shaped into a garden topiary.  This is a really simple DIY topiary project anyone can do.

I want to make another DIY garden topiary because it just creates so much interest.

A sweet little coffee service for a garden party

I pulled out my grandmother's hand made crochet table runner, my milk glass cups, my silver coffee pot, and a Turkish hand towel to create this sweet little coffee service.

Layering elements like a crochet table runner and a Turkish towel add textile interest to this table setting using a tray.

I can't believe how easy and cost effective it was to make this DIY Garden Topiary. It literally took me 30 minutes and was super budget friendly under $20.

Create a DIY Garden Topiary using a Thyallis shrub.

I had so much fun taking shots of this sweet little DIY Garden Topiary with my camera. There is just something about yellow flowers. So pretty.

A beautiful DIY Garden Topiary using an everyday shrub from the nursery.  This topiary was so affordable and easy to complete.  You are not going to believe it.

I'll leave you with one last picture of this sweet and easy to make DIY Garden Topiary.

Create a DIY Garden Topiary out of a shrub from any nursery for very little money and very little time.

I want to thank Janet so much for letting me share my little project and hosting me today. If you like projects like this one, come on over to Slightly Coastal and follow my progress as I create the master bedroom of my dreams.