Teaching With Matthew Mead at Haven 2016


It's good to be back home in the tropics of Miami, even though it's hot and muggy and deep into the non stop rain and humidity of summer.

As you probably noticed if you follow me here on the blog, I have had the pleasure of featuring some unique and mostly newer guest bloggers over the last week or so. Hopefully you've enjoyed those posts and I intend to share more soon. Why? Admittedly it helps me out when life get's crazy but in the big picture I've always enjoyed helping others and I had an amazing experience doing just that this past weekend at The Haven Conference in Atlanta. If you weren't able to attend, I am posting the links to the class content and slide show below, so be sure to scroll for that...


Today I'll be talking about photography and photo styling and the class at the Haven Conference

A few months back I was invited to speak about photography and styling at the conference and of course I said yes. Photography and styling are two of my favorite things in the world and I'm more than mildly obsessed! Whenever I have time to snap some photos or set some things up in a vignette or get outside and shoot some nature I'm all in with camera in hand. I asked a Facebook friend of mine that I've admired for a long time as a stylist if he would like to co-teach the classes with me when I found out that he would be there and he said YES. Perhaps you've heard of him...Matthew Mead has an incredible pedigree as a stylist and is one of the nicest people that I've had the opportunity to work with. He's a master at product photography and it was fun to partner up.
We talked about styling flowers, rooms and vignettes and gave lots of tips in the hour and half of our class, and we easily could have gone on for several hours. His floral studies talking about angles and perspective above.

I talked about photography lighting, photography equipment, camera settings, field of focus, lenses and tripod shooting.


A series of Matthew's images with food, featuring luscious cherries. I love how he has styled the food with gooey drips of cherry juice and crumbs. 

We are happy to share free links for you below to our presentations in both text and slide image files and hope to collaborate again. Please enjoy...and I'll see you again on Wednesday with a new post!


NOTES: Haven 2016 Photo Styling for Bloggers

SLIDES: Haven 2016 Photo Styling for Bloggers