The Importance Of Scale In Design

I don't know about you guys, but scale is something that I struggle with in design constantly. I am not a professionally trained ASID interior designer but I do consider myself well trained in an artistic sense having my schooling in art and lots of years behind me now in the creative work world. I can easily see color and flow in design but...
am somewhat technically and spatially challenged when it comes to fitting things in and laying things out.
Thankfully my husband is a total layout geek, trained in college to work up blueprints and in his every day work of high end home remodeling he too has many years behind what he knows. Funny thing...he has let his hair go grey and I have not. He says that his grey hair only brings him that air of being known in his field as an expert, but I've yet to embrace that for myself. When I want to change something in our home or the beach place, I refer to him for advice. Will this painting be too large honey for the space, will this cabinet fit into this area? 

The Importance Of Scale In Design


That brings me to some updates at our beach home that I just made, and with updates there are various things to consider. I was tired of the look of our bedroom and wanted to freshen it up. Not that I didn't love what we had, it was simply time for a change! The old look had more of a feminine romantic flair and I wanted more of a clean, white beachy minimalist look. 


I have been slowly making some changes when time and our budget permits in the entire space, but the budget for the beach is limited as it's our second home. Our kitchen needs's 14 years old and showing wear that you might expect seeing in a beach environment. I have plans in my head, but it will realistically have to wait until the day that we can spend more time there. However, the refrigerator is rusty and we've touched up the paint (ugh, I know!). Now we noticed that the dishwasher is leaking onto the floor and my husband is handy, but not an appliance repair guy. I eventually want to reconfigure the cabinets and replace the builder grade foiled doors with white wood shaker, buy new appliances and new counters in white marble or a light grey granite. for now will hold off. 


In the bedroom I ordered new MIRRORED BEDSIDE CABINETS from WAYFAIR and just love them! Most of the mirrored bedside cabinets and NIGHTSTANDS that I found on-line and in stores were more of the glam look, and I was going for something with a DRIFTWOOD BEACH design. 

mirrored driftwood-nightstand

We had the brilliant idea of raising up the headboard, so we added some wood to the side panel and it's now 6-8" taller.


I received the SANTORINI BEDDING from one of my favorite sources at SOFT SURROUNDINGS. It's exquisite and adds just the right amount of....well....softness! The SANTORINI COVERLET falls to the floor in a beautiful drape. 


I'm still searching for a couple more pieces...artwork or something for over the bed or maybe the wall across from the bed. The room is narrow, so it seems much more spacious without the antique French cabinet that we had opposite the bed and I have it in my walk-in closet. Again...I digress to the fact that I bought it and didn't really realize that at the time, being spatially challenged.

As for the old room pieces, both the rug and painting over the bed have been sold. The nightstands came home with us this weekend, I'll show you in an upcoming post where they went!




I am selling the STUNNING Rachel Ashwell King Sized Duvet....from her UPSCALE couture line (not the Target line) and is no longer made. I've seen this go for over $500 and am asking $200 plus shipping. It's in GREAT CONDITION and only used for display in this home where we don't spend much time. You can purchase it directly from the PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW.

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