5 Minute Eucalyptus Wreath Project DIY

I may just have an issue with eucalyptus and it seems like something that I just about ALWAYS have on hand. Ever since Trader Joes opened up several years ago about 10 minutes from my home, I seem to head over there weekly for not only groceries...but EUCALYPTUS. I love the way that it not only looks, but the smell. You probably already know that
it has been proven to have medicinal benefits and I use EUCALYPTUS OIL in my FACIAL STEAMER when I have a sinus headache and it does the trick almost every time! It's woodsy aroma is perfect to fill the air during the fall season!

In the fall season it's lovely to display with the color that is softly muted and blends in nicely to decor without competing. This was one of the mantels that I talked about on the blog LAST YEAR if you'd like to see more.

5 Minute Eucalyptus Wreath Project DIY

But today I'm sharing a quick 5 minute project that you can make with eucalyptus. In this older project that I've actually shared before I used the stem and leaf portions of the tree and not the seeds or the leafy green leaves. This simple wreath was made with just a few things. You will need:
  • A bunch of eucalyptus
  • 12 gauge aluminum floral wire (I used black)
  • 24 gauge floral wire (use green) 
  • A wire cutter

Bend the wire into shape...I chose a heart shape. 
The aluminum floral wire is pretty easy to bend so that you won't need any tools. 
Twist the ends together to fasten it and create your heart shape.
Snip off some pieces of eucalyptus and your 24 gauge wire and start wrapping. I wanted a very simple look and only used one layer of leaves...but you could do more and make this as large as you'd like.

If you plan on hanging it on a hook, add some wire to the backside. And there you have it...easy as can be.

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