A New Rug For Fall and Winter

french chairs in a white room

What's old is new and when we first purchased our home years ago it had brown shag carpet. The previous owners were heavy smokers too...BLECK! It was ummm, NOT very attractive and was the first thing to go after we closed escrow! That was before digital cameras and I'm not ever sure if I have a picture of it because we ripped it out the first day and were hurrying and scurrying to do so. I actually do love soft things underfoot and although wall to wall carpet like that isn't very practical in South Florida, area rugs are GREAT and the fact that you can roll them up and change them out at whim is perfect. Today I have a GIVEAWAY for you, so read on and see what it's all about :-)

A New Rug For Fall and Winter

A preview of my living room set for that transitional time between summer (which I might remind you is still in session) and fall...which will be arriving none too soon as far as I'm concerned...

white iron garden table

I have been in love with flokati rugs for ages and have never owned one but have lusted after them. When I had the chance to partner with RUG EXPEDITION on this post, I knew just the rug that I wanted and it's SO PRETTY in this space. 

I can totally envision a Christmas tree and all of my favorite holiday decor in the room and will be able to have that white Christmas cozy feel:-))

limoges roses teacup

For today I'm drinking a cup of tea and sitting in one of my favorite old French chairs, as per usual.

white shag rug winter decorating

My new rug is 5 x 7, which for this room is a great size so that I can move the furniture around and not have the rug be the room's main focus. 

Did I ever tell you that I seem to have become allergic to wool? There are lots of stunning synthetic rugs being manufactured these days and RUG EXPEDITION carries many at great price points! 

I have a giveaway for you today with a chance to win $100 GIFT CARD towards ANY purchase from RUG EXPEDITION and you can enter below. JUST LEAVE A COMMENT!

I'm also going to give you a second chance to win if you sign up for my mailing list if you haven't done so yet (will be checking:-), so good luck!