Copper And Gold In Home Decor

copper pot filled with flowers

Now trending...copper and gold in home decor! Metal finishes in homes have been around since the dawn of time with hardware on doors and cabinet pulls, light fixtures and even beneath the walls in the basics of plumbing. I'm seeing so many gorgeous chandeliers in pendant style lighting these days that it makes me want to redo my entire home style! With construction and remodeling as our family business the gold trend is...
teaming with beautiful metallics in kitchens and although I'd like to share, it seems that I can never get into these homes at the right time to photograph them.


beautiful flowers in a copper pot

In our home I don't have a modern COPPER PENDANT LIGHT that perhaps if I was starting over I would install. Or one of those GOLD PENDANT LIGHTS with the cage...maybe some day.

I have objects that to me are not just objects, but objects of art! Like the huge copper bucket that has made an appearance here before and I just shined up to use for the fall season. I use this beauty for firewood by the mantel, to store things in, and if I can ever find real pumpkins here I'll be filling it with them I'm sure.

vintage copper home decorations

A sneak peek at a post coming soon...and I filled this vintage copper bucket with wheat. I love the patina that older copper takes on, and if I look for copper when out shopping I prefer hammered finishes. The patina tends to collect in the crevices of hammered copper and gives it that old world look over time.

copper home decor

This copper pot is also a vintage one and is the perfect size for filling with flowers. I use it often in the fall when SETTING A TABLE and fill it with flowers. Just cut the stems short when you have a more squat sized container and in this pot I filled it with soaked floral foam to hold the stems in my centerpiece and keep them hydrated.

gold vase with roses

GOLD IN HOME DECORATION adds warmth as well as glamour and lately I'm in love with adding gold. 

To every room.

baby boo white pumpkins on a gold tray

gold velvet pumpkin

 I hope that you are inspired to add some gold and copper to your home for the fall and winter ahead and today I have another round up with some more ideas for projects...

copper diy projects
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