DIY Ombre Home Decor ideas With Ombre

 Back when I was in college around the time that dinosaurs roamed the earth, I (of course) had to make my dorm room a decorated venue that would be so me and stand out from the crowd. Being a student with no interior design budget from my parents, I took an old sheet and tie dyed it in lavender and yellow. I still have a photo and maybe one day will share it with you.

That pillow in my chair was white and I dip dyed it in an ombre effect using...

two batches of Rit dye with one in pink and one in blue. Same for the pillow below, which is larger and I pull out for summer decorating. Using dye is such an inexpensive and easy way to add personal touches to your home and today I'm sharing TWENTY projects in a round up fashion from some talented bloggers. Besides my own project, do you have a favorite? They are all fabulous, so take a look!


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