Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas In Blue

I'm always excited to decorate my home for the seasons and perhaps even more than Christmas, FALL is my favorite season of all! Although I have lived in Florida most of my life, my childhood years were spent happily skipping along in the crunchy autumn leaves...

in more northern climes that had a dramatic color change of leaves turning all shades of browns, rusts and oranges. I've heard that fall is short with global warming and that perhaps the color changing of the guard so to speak isn't as dramatic any longer. But in my home I am free to play and envision the colors of the fall of my youth, and twist and turn it around to suit what I love today. 

Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas In Blue

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The florals were my focus and usually are as I'm designing a space. In my world flowers can make a room come alive. As my love affair with all things blue continues to grow stronger and stronger, I added the blue vase and filled it with hydrangeas and eucalyptus for the one/two punch of color and scent. Did you know that if you cut the hydrangeas stems and use THIS METHOD they will last longer? It's true and works for me, and is free!

The carved fall candles with gold accents on the mantel are almost a soft peachy orange and add a nice glow when mixed with the gold glitter candles

There aren't any real pumpkins or gourds available yet in the market, so for now a couple of white iridescent pumpkins are all that are needed to bring out a subtle whisper of fall.  

Can't you just see these candles mixed with flowers and fruit on the table perhaps in a DOUGH BOWL? Or how about some of the VELVET PUMPKINS in jewel tones? YUM!

The mantel is a vintage one that we removed from a client's home here locally and it actually was a working fireplace at one time. Circa 1920's, it must have been cooler here in winters 100 years ago and since we don't need to heat the house I try and come up with creative ideas for filling in that big black box. THIS was how it looked until yesterday and last fall I added some LIGHTS. I fell hard for feathers and found this INDIGO FEATHER PAINTING when perusing AT HOME's on-line catalog, as well as the FAUX SHEEPSKIN RUG and they hint the cozy feeling of home in a designer way. 

But honestly this GOLD METAL AGATE TABLE has stolen my heart and is an amazing decor piece. I have some GEODES here in my home that we acquired from my husband's parents when they lived in Brazil for work and this table I tell you is just genius...

I hope that I've given you some ideas for your fall decor and I'm just getting started, so have lots more to share. Speaking of sharing, I've created the FREE DOWNLOAD for you and you can find it HERE