Friday Fashion and Beauty Over 50

fashion women over 50

Hi everyone! I'm getting a little bit (maybe a LOT bit, as in A TON:-) out of my comfort zone today and doing a post about some beauty and fashion tips for those over fifty. It's not easy for me to share photos of myself as I get older, and if you are creeping up there maybe you can relate! I hope so...and I know that my reader's ages are varied, but it's never too early to start great skin care or to try and look good in what you wear. So let's get started today with three of my favorite beauty items, two for the outside and one for inside your system beauty to hopefully radiate out. I'm also sharing fashion from a company that I'm working with and I think that you'll love!...

Fashion and Beauty Over 50

fashion friday women over fifty

I first met the sweet ladies of GLAMOUR FARMS when I taught my STYLING and PHOTOGRAPHY CLASSES FOR BLOGGERS at THE HAVEN CONFERENCE recently. I was just hanging out in-between classes and noticed their booth with a flutter of activity all around. I saw clothing and I was over there!
GLAMOUR FARMS is a family owned small business and it was really nice getting to know the ladies:-). Since I love clothing I went over and struck up a chatter filled convo and so here I am today showing you what I decided on for my style. Over 50. But you could wear this at ANY AGE for sure! 

black tunic and jeans with booties fashion

I'm wearing the CARSON 3/4 SLEEVE TUNIC DRESS in Black and it's perfect for me, because I wear a lot of black. The material is fluid and drapes so nicely and it's lightweight for the Florida weather. I could easily wear it in the fall and winter with layers of scarves, leggings and sweaters and it's one of those timeless and non-trendy looks. Above I'm wearing it as a tunic with jeans and it has pockets that lay flat but are roomy. I wear a lot of tunics for not only the coverage, but the versatility of wearing as a dress or top.

I normally wear a size 10/12 and I'm wearing a large, which is plenty roomy and I prefer it that way. It's a fabulous LBD (LITTLE BLACK DRESS) for ANY AGE!
They also have a full line of fabulous shapewear, which I'll definitely try out soon. As we get older we can always a little bit of help in those know what I'm talking about:-) The items at GLAMOUR FARMS are very affordable and by the way...they also carry a curvy line.

little black dress fashion over fifty

I'm also wearing the ZEN RESIN PENDANT NECKLACE from GLAMOUR FARMS in red. One of the ways to lengthen your look is to wear a solid color long tunic and a long necklace as your accessory. They have such cute things!

 The ladies at GLAMOUR FARMS are generously offering the readers of my blog a one time discount of $10 off on your total shopping cart purchases (over $20, excluding sale items) by entering the code SHABBYFUFU132 during check out. Shipping is FREE on all orders over $75, so you'll want to take advantage of that. As I said they really do have the CUTEST things, so pop on over and take a look...

Now on to beauty and three things that I use and they make a difference for me...

Beauty Over 50

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1. My favorite UNDER EYE TREATMENT that has really helped fade my dark circles and reduce puffiness. You won't believe the price's just $7 for a very small tube but it lasts me a long time! The trick is to pull off the pump top and just put the tiniest bit under your eyes with your finger. I found this to be pretty incredible and I've tried works for me.

2. I have used this for a couple of years now and as the mom of two daughters who went through the acne stage and found great results with Rodan and Fields Proactiv I thought that it was worth a try. It's pricy so perhaps not for everyone, but good skin care is something that I feel is important in an anti-aging regimen. I'm not a sales rep, I just LOVE this product and use it on my neck and forehead where thankfully the only wrinkles that I seem to have are located. I LOVE the roller and use the  RODAN & FIELDS REDEFINE kit every night before bed. Well maybe not every. single. night, but most :-) After rolling with what feels like tiny pin pricks you open an ampule and apply the silky contents. After that I finish it off with some of my favorite moisturizers, which if you are interested I'll share in another post. Let me know and in fact...let me know if you enjoy THIS POST. 
3. Manuka honey is something that I've been using for about 6 months now. While it can be used on the skin and hair, I haven't tried that yet and have been taking it internally. I am not a licensed health care provider of any kind, so I'm basing this on my own experience and being totally transparent as always. I initially purchased this on recommendation of a total stranger that I met in Trader Joes while perusing the honey section. She raved about how it brought back her health after several issues that caused inflammation in her body. I think that many of us have inflammatory issues of one kind or another as women. My issues have always been digestive, after a severe bout of ulcerative colitis many years ago left me quite ill for about a year. It's come and gone since then but I've been able to mostly keep it at bay with probiotics. Until I found Manuka's ahh-mazing and I haven't felt so good in a long time! 
 MANUKA DOCTOR  is the brand that I use and trust and the way that I take it is as a sweetner in my morning coffee every morning.
FROM THE PRODUCT: 100% natural Manuka honey from New Zealand, independently certified country of origin. Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant qualities.

I hope that you enjoyed the post and let me know if you have any questions about what I've shared today.

If you have read this far down the post, you probably don't know...but I host a group on FACEBOOK along with my amazing co-host Rhoda of the blog Southern Hospitality. It's for bloggers over the age of 50, and we are participating in a linky I hope that you visit them below!