How To Make A Pumpkin Centerpiece - 3 Ways

Rich colors of autumn and I'm enjoying taking some of my fall things out of storage again this year. Like the velvet pumpkins that are just luscious and yummy in these jewel tone colors!

Every year I enjoy creating various displays and vignettes, and this fall I've been incorporating lots of fresh flowers. I grabbed one of my European crates and just started playing with pumpkins and flowers. 

french fruit crate display

The field flowers are arranged in small glass jelly jars that I've saved for food storage.  If you have a crate in your styling collections, you probably already know how useful they are for gathering. Fill them with flowers in jars and just about anything else and an instant CENTERPIECE comes to life.

How To Make A Pumpkin Centerpiece - 3 Ways

I talked about my vintage French fruit crates last year in this CHRISTMAS POST, and showed how useful they are for other things besides pumpkins. When the real pumpkins are available I'll be filling these with those and I can't wait to do a white centerpiece that is overflowing with baby boo pumpkin goodness! 

dough bowl centerpiece with pumpkins

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Speaking of white baby pumpkins, these are faux pumpkins that I purchased last year on clearance from the dollar store and painted white. They are displayed in a LARGE DOUGH BOWL and will be traveling to my dining table this weekend:-))  I shared a post before that was all about STYLING A DOUGH BOWL and they are one of my favorite objects for CENTERPIECE displays!

pumpkin centerpiece pink pumpkins

This centerpiece is from several years ago and is actually a flea market fish poacher that I painted white and filled with PINK SWEATER PUMPKINS that we used to sell in the shop. I recently acquired a Wagner Sprayer and watch out world...I'm coming around to paint everything in sight soon.

You can often find fish poachers at yard sales or thrift shops and if you find one, snatch it right up because they are long and go down a table as a CENTERPIECE so nicely.

velvet pumpkins shabbyfufu

A CENTERPIECE with those VELVET PUMPKINS once again and they are displayed in an old flush mount beaded light fixture turned upside-down to use as a bowl. Think outside the box when you are making up your CENTERPIECES and look around your home for anything that can be used as a bowl.

vintage crate with pumpkins

I'm so excited for all of the FALL HOME TOURS that I'll be joining in next week, so I'm off to finish up a few projects for one of them. Thanks for stopping by friends!