20 Beautiful DIY Coffee Mug Projects

I'm back from High Point Market and have so much to share with you on the blog over the next few weeks! I saw a bit of everything there in my short stay with the Design Bloggers Tour from great furniture to accessories and even a small showroom tour with royalty. But today...I'm thinking HOLIDAYS from THANKSGIVING to CHRISTMAS and as one approaches the other isn't far off.

moscow mule copper project ideas

So...what did I see at market? I noticed a couple of trends that I've talked about before...and one is COPPER AND GOLD in both home decor items, accents on furniture and in entertaining. All of the DESIGN BLOGGERS spotted TASSELS (we made a little game of tassel spotting:-), and I am in LOVE with the genius idea of adding them to mugs as Lovely Indeed did! 

For gifting...I start making HOLIDAY GIFTS right about NOW (as in...I already have:-) and prefer to give a gift from the heart and the hands to my own family and friends. Today I have lots more for you to try with creative DIY projects ways to fill them up. Let me know if you try your hand at one...and what your favorite project is for gift giving!


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