20 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make NOW

This post shows you some gorgeous Christmas ornaments to make right now! Get your glue guns ready and spread some CHRISTMAS CHEER to anyone on your list by stopping by with a gift of a handmade Christmas ornament for the holiday season! 

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In the land of blogging and designing and even home decorating for the seasons, we often think ahead and do some planning and pinning! Although I'm going to be sharing and joining in with some favorite bloggers over the next few weeks to talk about Thanksgiving...today I'm thinking Christmas.
I just got off the phone with our daughter who lives out of town and we were discussing that it's time to buy those airline tickets and it's really going to come along quickly that we will be mixing and mingling with guests and friends! Along the vein of Christmas, I thought that I would share some news today and one of my round ups that will get you going on some projects to do ahead NOW. There are 20 projects in this post for creating beautiful Christmas ornaments, but first...

...let me share that if you have followed me for awhile you probably know that I've worked with several magazines over the years as a contributor. Right now you can see my beach home in the current Romantic Homes magazine...the November issue is on newsstands right now.

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Above are the covers so that you know what to look for. I'm not sure if the magazine French Style is still out, but I have a styled shoot in the Fall issue that you can definitely garner some table setting ideas from.

janet coon shabbyfufu christmas in romantic homes magazine

A shot of the dining room table at the beach house, all set for Christmas...just so you can get an idea of where my shoot was going in Romantic Homes.

20 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Ornaments

beautiful christmas ornaments to make diy

Get your glue guns and paint brushes ready and take a look at these ideas from my friends...I am feeling very inspired over here myself! 
  1. Tissue Paper Fringe Ornaments from akailochiclife.com
  2. Cinnamon Heart Ornaments from thesurznickcommonroom.com
  3. How Do You Make An Easy Green Wire Wrapped Christmas Wreath from lc.pandahall.com
  4. Tetra Pak And Paper Reinforcement Snowflakes from kimberlystoney.blogspot.com
  5. Star Ornaments Styling Inspiration And Tips from thebeautydojo.com
  6. DIY Christmas Tree Ornament From Wine Corks from katrinshine.blogspot.ro
  7. Dala Horse Ornaments & Gift Toppers from francoisetmoi.com
  8. Glass Glitter Ornaments from thebeautydojo.com
  9. DIY Painted Ornaments from goldstandardworkshop.com
  10. DIY Clay Christmas Decorations. from gatheringbeauty.com
  11. DIY Etched Nativity Ornament from cutesycrafts.com
  12. Leather Feather Christmas Ornaments from kristimurphy.com
  13. Natural Star Ornament from oneartsymama.com
  14. Retro Christmas Tree Ornaments from artzycreations.com
  15. DIY Wood Bead Ornaments: I Made Some Too! from nalleshouse.com
  16. Jingle Ornament: Craft Lightning Holiday Edition from oneartsymama.com
  17. DIY Moose Ornament from biggerthanthethreeofus.com
  18. Antler Wood Slice Ornaments from cherishedbliss.com
  19. Simple Ombre Spray Painted Ornaments from madincrafts.com
  20. Get Creative with DIY Christmas Baubles from designisyay.com