20 Stunning Ways To Use Gold In Decorating

geode table with gold

I've been talking quite a bit about metallic love lately, and it's not only glamorous but organic. Gold comes from the earth, so no surprise there! Having just come back from the city of cities for shopping and walking all the way from past the Metropolitan Museum of Art over the bridge into Brooklyn (disclaimer alert...in 2 days, not one) I had plenty of time to window shop the trends. Yes, window shop is the operative slogan because I didn't buy a thing, other than food! But I did see lots of metallics and that included gold in every shop from Crate and Barrel (where I attended a private event) to the tiniest shop in Chinatown. Organic looks in home furnishing were everywhere and on everything from tables like the one above with the appearance of a geode to mirrors made of wood slices. As for gold, it's easy to DIY small projects to add to your home and today I'm sharing some that I've rounded up for you...

Stunning Ways To Use Gold In Decorating

gold budvase diy

The vase above from TAG AND TIBBY is so subtle and serene and it takes only 10 minutes to make.

diy gold pitchers

The GOLD PITCHERS above are so stunning and you would think are utterly high end.

diy ombre rock bookends

And talking about organic looks, these GOLD BOOKENDS are the perfect office accessory and I think I'm going to have to replicate the look for MY FRENCH MODERN HOME OFFICE.  The projects above and lots more are all linked for you conveniently below, so I hope that you take some time to check them out! If pinning (as always) please pin from the source and I'll see you tomorrow with more inspiration...from my home decor!

20 Stunning Ways To Use Gold In Decorating shabbyfufublog
  1. Gold Leaf Trinket Dish Holderfrom makeandtell.com
  2. Gold Polka Dot DIY Vase from linesacross.com
  3. DIY Cement Triangle Hanging Planters from prettylifegirls.com
  4. Gem Mirror DIY from abeautifulmess.com
  5. Gold Leaf DIY Sign†from whitehousecrafts.net
  6. DIY Gold Desk Dishes from homeyohmy.com
  7. DIY Marble & Gold Foil Coasters from creatingwithklc.weebly.com
  8. Gilded Geometric Votives from talesfromthecusp.com
  9. Decorative Gold Orb from cleanandscentsible.com
  10. Gold Foil DIY Cushion Tutorial from makeandfable.com
  11. Gold Bookends from designlovefest.com
  12. DIY Triangle Gold Foil Planter from goldstandardworkshop.com
  13. Metallic Gold Ikea Ekby Bj‰rnum Bar Shelves from blog.krysmelo.com
  14. DIY Modern Mason Jars from drawntodiy.com
  15. Simple DIY Painted Trays from homemadebycarmona.com
  16. Gold Dipped Wine Glasses from simplydesigning.porch.com
  17. DIY Colorful Geometric Vases from akailochiclife.com
  18. Flowers In A Vase from tagandtibby.com
  19. Gold Pencil Holder from viewfromthefridge.com
  20. DIY Gold Pitchers from stylemepretty.com