Best 20 Unique Pendant Lights

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Love lighting...I repeat, I LOVE LIGHTING. It's a part of interior design that I've been passionate about for many years now, and feel that lighting can truly be the jewel of a room. So I've been doing some shopping, and designing and dreaming. I'm working on some updates to our beach home, where we spent the weekend and I'm looking forward to spotting the trends when I am up at High Point Market next weekend with the Design Bloggers Tour! We have some...
ahh-mazing fixtures already up at our beach home, like this vintage fixture that is a favorite.

antique french chandelier and lilacs shabbyfufu beach home

That is staying...but I hope to be able to work on renovating our kitchen that is outdated and a bit too shabby (even for me:-) with the builder cabinets and white appliances that are worn out. We did a little bit of shopping this weekend and it was mostly of the window shopping variety, but we stopped at the Restoration Hardware Outlet Store and...

restoration hardware lighting

"Look up honey" I said! He's on the fence and generally I am the initiator of any changes, so will see. But I am planning and as I try and decide on cabinets, counters and fixtures I'll have to think about what works with our lifestyle and the beach environment. We did make a pretty major purchase though at RH, but it's nothing to do with lighting or the beach house. 

More on that later, but today I have rounded up 20 of the most unique DIY pendant lights from some talented take a look! All of these are super affordable and not too complicated to achieve. I have some affiliate links at the end of the post for some GORGEOUS LIGHTING FIXTURES that I love too...SHOP THE LOOK

20 Unique DIY Pendant Lights

Best 20 Unique Pendant Lights  round up shabbyfufu
  1. DIY Pendant Light With A Hat from
  2. DIY Ikea Hack ìHicksî Pendant Light from
  3. DIY $10 Light Fixture from
  4. DIY Geometric Pendant Light Fixture from
  5. Shade Pendant Tutorial†from
  6. DIY Pendant Light Using Your Own Fabric! from
  7. DIY Wood Bead Pendant from
  8. Plutonium Can Pendant Lamp from
  9. Brass Geometric Globe Pendant Light from
  10. Beaded Pendant from
  11. DIY Pendant Lamp From Grocery Bag†from
  12. DIY Lighting With Wood And Diamond Touch from
  13. Turn A Lamp Shade Into A Pendant Light from
  14. Handmade Home Affordable Branch Pendant from
  15. DIY This $375 Pendant Light For $60†from
  16. DIY Tiered Pendant Light from
  17. DIY Wireframe Pendant Light from
  18. DIY Industrial Light from
  19. Globe Pendant DIY from
  20. Easy DIY Portal Companion Cube Pendant Lamp from
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