Styling A Mantel With Fresh Greenery

French country mantel

I love a high end look in my home and even more so I love one that is fast and easy to put together. As in...clear off the mantel or a shelf and add some fresh greenery and a handful of something else. Let me explain how I changed up the living room, and I swear that it always takes me much longer to photograph and write these posts than it does to change up a look! Let me help you do this quickly...

Styling A Mantel With Fresh Greenery

decorating a mantel for fall with gold

I haven't touched the living room mantel until today, so it's been about a month that I've had this look going on. You can see more of the room in THIS POST that is an early fall setting. Let me preface by telling you that I almost NEVER leave things in place for that long! I've been super busy and am so grateful for all that is coming my way, but things have to lag because it's hard to do it all sometimes. 

greenery on a mantel woodland decorating

I simply removed all of the items from the shelf, brought a plastic trash bag into the living room and scraped up the dry eucalyptus into a pile and then scooped it into the bag. Boom...done in 5 minutes and ready for something fresh! 

elegant white french living room designer ideas

If you look at the post that shows the earlier fall look, I did a shuffle of furniture, which is easy to do with my stone tile floors and again takes no time at all. Have you tried rearranging your furniture lately? Sometimes that is all you need for your home to look fresh and new and it's NOTHING PERMANENT!

white tufted sofa

A pillow swap...and a new pillow made by Nourison in grey that I'll be talking about more in an upcoming post of my family room redo! For now it's in the living room and the grey sheepskin has a fall to winter feel.

decorating with ferns

On the mantel I added greenery. I always treat a mantel just like a bookshelf, so if you are lamenting the fact that you don't have a mantel of your own...take a shelf and style away! I split my greenery piles in half and start in the middle...with the left side facing left and the right side greenery facing right. Drape your greens to overlap the stems and to fall gracefully down on either end and in front.

* TIP *
Keep the greenery fresh by spritzing with water daily. It should last for a couple of weeks, just like a vase full of flowers would if you care for it properly.  

beautiful room styles for fall

I was thrilled to partner up with MIAMI FLOWER MARKET for this post as a sponsor and love to support new businesses, especially if they are local! They sent me an amazing selection of not only greenery but flowers! You can learn more about them on their website and follow them on Instagram

gold silver copper for fall plush pumpkins with real stems

It's very easy to do something similar if you don't have a florist around, and I ALWAYS keep a pair of clippers in my car to snip greenery from the side of the road. In a pinch it works and I use it as filler too. The GORGEOUS pumpkins from my sponsor the original PLUSH PUMPKIN were then mixed in on the mantel and I've included a few of their acorns and mushrooms as well. I am completely IN LOVE with these EARTH TONES in Italian Lambskin, Classic Velvet and Italian Linen with real stems and they make them like no one that I've found. I will have a discount code at the bottom of this post for any purchase from PLUSH scroll on down for more!

how to decorate a mantel  in five minutes

Delicate maidenhair's a favorite of mine and is so lacy and lovely.

french country style holiday decorating

You could easily do a similar look on your shelf or mantel with faux greenery, and of course real honest to goodness pumpkins if you prefer that look. Lay out the greenery first and then mix in your pumpkins sparingly.

shabbyfufu elegant mantel for the holidays
pumpkins on a bench

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