Decorating Reveal Of The Family Room

sofa with modern boho pillows

fam·i·ly room
    a living room used by all family members for recreation and relaxation.

Unless you know me in real life and have been to my home, I don't share the family room very often. It's just one of those rooms that has been ignored for the most part in terms of design and hasn't been updated in...

neutral sofa in a family room

....ahem....TWENTY YEARS! Definitely where all the action happens in our house though, and with the kitchen being the heart of the home the family room is adjacent. A little history lesson...

family room addition

The house use to end just beyond where the breakfast bar high top is over the cooktop. Actually that's not completely accurate, as where the family room is now was once the garage. We busted through the garage and added an entire wing, but that was in the 90's and I only have regular photos. Our home was fairly well destroyed by Hurricane Andrew with us inside...and I have a few photos in a post about that and how we turned bitter lemons into lemonade and added a new wing with a MASTER BEDROOM if you're curious to see some pics. 

This room is a bit of it's own One Room Challenge, since we were only able to put in one window and the room doesn't let in a lot of light anyway...facing north.

family room with leather sectional
Here's a shot from Casa Romantica several years ago that was styled and shot in the family room. I've never like the worlds LARGEST leather sectional that was in the room, but it served a great functional purpose with kids and pets and definitely had seen better days!

Decorating Reveal Of The Family Room

Real life moment shot via iPhone recently and I'm happy to report that the sofa found a grateful new home with one of my husband's subcontractors. We are so fortunate to have plenty of folks to donate items that we no longer use, and don't have to just put them out to the curb! 

traditional family room in blue

I am just thrilled to be partnering up with for this post that has been the biggest help in redecorating our family room! I've shopped before with hayneedle over the years and have loved everything that I've ever received and they have a wide selection of products for the home and beyond. 

family room pillows

The Belham Living Milo Sofa in a chalk color is stunning and since it's neutral, I can add my own touches. I'm all about changing up a room seasonally with pillows and throws, just in case you haven't ever noticed that:-).  The fabric is durable which is a must with 3 dogs and it's sturdy and well made with a kiln-dried hardwood frame. 

family room boho style

It's heading towards winter, so I accessorized the sofa from hayneedle and the other sofa that we recently acquired with a combination of old and new pillows and throws. I'm all about softness and love to mix textures, and the Couture Fur Pillow in grey is so plush that it's staying right where it is until next spring. The reversible Monique Throw is tying in the blues and neutrals and I believe that if you have one accent color running throughout a home it brings a nice flow. In my case it's blue...with old pieces and new pieces all collected over time.

stained glass window wall art

I'm mixing it all up and staying in the same color tones and on the sofa I've tossed on the Lalibela Toile Pillow and the Xander Stripe with a favorite white velvet pintuck pillow that you've probably seen before traveling around my house:-)

family room decorating

 Shopping my own home some more, I moved the blue rug from the living room into the family room and borrowed a few other things from here...and there. The vintage stained glass windows have been the artwork in the room for a long time and I like the fact that no one else has these exact pieces as they are old, authentic and collected. The coffee table was rescued from a friend's gift shop and I cut down the legs. It was used as a wrapping counter in her store. I painted the table with milk paint and the finish just lasts and lasts and is my favorite paint to work with. 

gold tray and chinoiserie vase

built-ins traditional style

This is where we hang out...and although I'm not huge into watching tv, it is where we sit when something good is on. The built-ins were taken out of a home that was being renovated by my husband's team, and look as though they were made for this house. Twenty years later they are still stylish and perfect for storage and display. 

geode table

There are still a few touches that I'd like to add to the room (more lighting, etc), but I tend to wait until just what I'm thinking about comes and finds me! What do you guys think? Big improvement and I'm excited for the upcoming holiday season to put our family tree in here and enjoy the new room with family and friends! A big thank you goes out to my friends at for sponsoring this post with my new items and I'll be sharing more of this room in months to come.