How To Style An Elegant Table Setting With Pastels

shabby chic french style dining room decorating

No it's not spring, but if you read my post on How To Make A Vegetable Centerpiece from the other day then the colors are similar in today's TABLESCAPE. I love the softness of pale, faded colors and neutrals and since autumn is my favorite season why not use them instead of being traditional? Table setting is an form that I love to participate in. Cooking takes a back burner so to speak to the setting! I started with this...

french farmhouse style

A duvet cover in the palest of blues from Shabby Chic Couture that I love so much that I have it in white as well. This is not an affiliate link, I'm just sharing because I have been inspired for years by Rachel Ashwell and have been fortunate to meet her a couple of times and chat about business. I wrote about meeting up with her at THE PRAIRIE, if you'd like to check that picture heavy post out.

Shabby Chic Fall Tablescape

shabby chic furniture

One tip to make any duvet or sheet work as a tablecloth is to pin it in the center on both of the long ends. Duvets are often wide, especially if they are from a king sized this will keep it off the floor. I used a couple of safety pins and then wove some flowers through the pins to cover them.

fall wedding garland with vegetables and fruit

Again...the way that I start out is always by finding flowers and taking it from there to form a tablescape. I think that floral arrangements can make or break a table setting. In designing this TABLE SETTING I wanted to make a table garland, so I took some handfuls of EUCALYPTUS and spread them across the middle. The next step was adding in DRIED FLOWERS, and my supply at hand consisted of fluffy blush spray roses and carnations. Somewhat commonplace, carnations can be found at just about every grocery store and/or drug store. Don't poo-poo or pish-posh them, they really can be lovely and fit in with ELEGANT TABLESETTINGS from every day to WEDDING TABLE SETTINGS.

eucalyptus table garland

Drape your TABLE GARLAND all the way to the end of the table and then over the edges. If you can bend it slightly to follow the lines of the table then all the prettier. My table is rather RUSTIC and for this look I wanted the style of SHABBY CHIC FURNITURE, so covering it gave me that look without changing the table out or painting it.

french country cottage table decorating

 I used placemats that are somewhat RUSTIC because although I didn't want the table top to be shown, I did want to juxtapose soft and pretty with some FARMHOUSE looks. The placemats were actually gifts when we got married...and they still look great and the neutral tone will never go out of date! The plates are a simple white and are our everyday dishes from POTTERY BARN.

decorating a table for autumn

beautiful autumn inspired table

neutral table ideas wedding

 I don't really remember there being such a great selection of gourds in soft greens before this year and I'm loving how they look!

shabby chic table

Vintage brass candleholders with vintage wedgewood blue candles. My FAVORITE tabletop accessories in my decor are always the VINTAGE COLLECTIONS that I've sourced over the years!

vintage dough bowl

At the center of the table is a VINTAGE DOUGH BOWL filled with white baby boo pumpkins that are faux and painted with white chalky paint. It's a low centerpiece, much like the VEGETABLE CENTERPIECE, so allows for easy convo to flow.

pottery barn dishes on a table

fall table setting

How To Style An Elegant Table Setting With Pastels