Seasonal Tablescaping with Designthusiasm

Happy Monday friends! I'm still up at High Point Market working, and my good friend Lory from Designthusiasm is taking over my blog today with a guest post. Enjoy and I'll be reporting to you from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter I hope that you check in!

Seasonal Tablescaping with Designthusiasm
Happy Monday! I'm Lory from Designthusiasm and I'm delighted to be guest posting at Shabbyfufu today! If you're not familiar with my blog, I love all things French Country and, as someone who enjoys entertaining at home, I have a particular interest in styling tablescapes. Today I thought I'd share some of the seasonal tables I've been working on and give you an idea of my inspiration for each. If you'd like to see any of the settings in greater detail or would like resources for the items I've used, you can click on the photos for more information. Some of these tables are so new, they've never been posted before, but if you're interested in seeing more of what I'll be posting in the next few weeks, you can visit me at Designthusiasm or subscribe to my newsletter. Now let's take a look at some fall tablescapes! Velvet Pumpkins in a Rich Fall Tablescapeseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-01 I definitely have a signature style and there are things I use over and over again, but I try to approach each table with a concept or theme that sets it apart from what I've done before. The colors I lean towards are soft and feminine, yet with tablescaping I use color a little more boldly since it's not something I need to live with forever. The table above is a new one I've not posted before, but I'll be adding more photos in the upcoming weeks. It was driven by the lush rich berry tones of the velvet pumpkins and I'm crushing lately on the palest blush pink mixed with this fall's "it" color, jeweled burgundy. Silver accents add a bit of glimmer while the vegetable plates recall the harvest season. A Soft and Neutral Fall Table Settingseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-02 I've been romanced lately by neutral tones and this table above was one of my first of the season. I like to transition slowly into a season, so I started with a quiet palette of creams and tans, punctuated by copper and touches of pink. The underpinning for it all was this wonderful plaid blanket used as a tablecloth, with French dessert plates topping the plate stack. White craft pumpkins and vintage leather books round out the accents that add novelty and character. Mixing Casual and Formal in a Seasonal Tablescapeseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-03 This table above is from just last week, and you can see I'm still avoiding a true fall color scheme. My concept here was to fuse casual with formal, so I mixed mossy green and bits of nature with smoky crystal, silver and understated fine china. I'm a huge fan of fresh flowers and here I used hydrangea and eucalyptus leaves, but as the blooms dry, they will still work in an arrangement. Embracing the Warmth of Fall Colors on the Tableseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-04 This one is another new table that will be posted in full next week, but I thought you'd like a peek because it's shows my progression of color as we get further into the fall season. Here I'm using brown transferware plates and various hints at seasonal orange, from the russet napkins and copper chargers to the seasonal floral centerpiece. Baby boo pumpkins are nestled sweetly inside the vintage pink depression glass dessert cups. Setting a Beautiful Table with Vintage Chinaseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-05 The table above is a little bit of a cheat, since it's really from the very end of the summer, although I was already thinking about fall. This table is probably the most quintessentially my style, as it breaks all the rules and incorporates everything I think is beautiful. I love to mix mis-matched vintage china and I often drive people crazy putting my flatware to the right of the plates (I think it looks prettier there and leaves more room for the napkin cluster to the left of the plate). The tablecloth is actually a scarf and the napkins are grouped in twos, just to ensure a fluffier look. I also think nothing of mixing formal china with my everyday dishes and you will see that I do that over and over. Autumn Color in an Offbeat Fall Tablescapeseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-06 This recent table is one of my favorites, as I've taken a fall palette and turned it a bit on its head, by using the infusion of pink floral napkin rings. The plaid tablecloth is quite traditionally fall, as are the copper chargers and pumpkin fall plates. But what makes this setting look very different is both the use of the pink and an orange in the pumpkins that's tinged a little on the mango side. The effect, to me, is more lively and vibrant than it would have otherwise been. A Soft Vintage Thanksgiving Tableseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-07 This table is a sneak peek at a table I'm sharing on my blog today, but I couldn't do a tablescape post and leave it out here. It is unabashedly feminine and now that you've seen a few of my tablescapes you're likely beginning to recognize some recurring themes. The vintage china, the blingy napkin rings, the silver candlesticks and the soft florals. But this table is all about two things - the pale hints of color and the use of fall elements despite that sweet palette. Baby boos and pine cones sit nicely in the mix, but my favorite new item (which you may have spied on a few of the other tables) is this fabulous blush ruffled throw which I'm using as a tablecloth. I bought it right here from Janet's Shabbyfufu shop and I love the gentle whisper of color that it adds to this table. Bringing Early Fall to the Tabletopseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-08 While I do love my soft color palettes, I still like to play with some bolder colors. This table celebrates a September meal and my theme revolved around the apples and pears that are prevalent this time of year. The napkin cluster pulls from those two colors while the rattan chargers and tortoise shell glasses offer a nice balance to the strong palette. A Romantic Thanksgiving Dinner for Twoseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-09 The table above was inspired by the notion that even a small gathering can be honored by a well set table. This table for two was set for a Thanksgiving dinner, acknowledging that not everyone can get together with the family for every holiday. All linen and gilding and sparkle and light, if you want to raise an occasion to its most special heights, pull out your very finest and set your table to enjoy. An Elegant Halloween Table Settingseasonal-tablescaping-with-designthusiasm-10 My final table setting for today's post illustrates my belief that even Halloween can be elegant. All orange and black in keeping with the day's colors, it nonetheless uses many of the same elements of the other tables I've styled. White embroidered linen, copper mule mugs, silver candlesticks and crystal flutes, my Halloween table still bears my favored french Country influence. I hope you enjoyed a look at these tables and I wish you the very best holiday season!
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