Best White Plates For Every Day And Entertaining

There is nothing as practical as a white dinner plate for your table, both for every day use and for entertaining. Have you ever looked at your food and compared the difference when you serve on a white plate, as compared to serving that same meal on a plate with a pattern? Think about it...
who wants a chicken casserole offered up on a plate of plaids? Or a piece of pie served on a plate embellished with too many petals? It can look nice at times, but if you don't want any competition at meal time other than your kids arguing about who gets the largest piece...a simple white plate may just your answer.

I love to tablescape aka set a beautiful table, and I generally layer at least two plates when entertaining. The white plate will often serve as the background plate, or charger and then I'll remove the decorative plates on top.

White both in fashion and dishes goes with everything and serves as the perfect non-competitive if you don't have a set of dinner plates it's definitely worth considering. Especially with the holidays coming up and definitely WHITE PLATES FOR EVERY DAY :-)

It's the love that you put into everything you do that counts.

For your convenience I've compiled an affiliate list of some of my favorite white plates and the prices are varied.