Bottom Line Kitchen Remodeling Thoughts From A Professional

It's the weekend and we decided to take a couple of days off to head up to our beach home and relax. That being said, I don't think that my husband and I ever really slow down and take it easy and we mesh that way in preferring to be busy. I've been doing some work via my laptop while sitting at the kitchen counter and dreaming about remodeling the kitchen here. Being the wife of a contractor who does high end remodeling and most are kitchens and baths, you would think that I'd have a kitchen as nice as THIS ONE that belongs to a client. But I'm planning and...

before photos of beach home kitchen
this builder grade 13 year old kitchen is not the best looking for sure. Especially when I look over my right shoulder from one of those barstools and see the ocean outside. deserve better than this! Everything is quite functional, but the appliances are dated and frankly a little rusty here and there from the salt air. This place is in need of something better, but the shoemaker's wife (so to speak) has the most tattered shoes:-) I think though that Mr Professional knows that I mean business and we have decided on what we will most likely do, while staying within a budget. Hope this helps any of you who might be thinking of a BUDGET KITCHEN RENOVATION and things to think about.

Bottom Line Kitchen Remodeling Thoughts From A Professional

  • Layout - We plan on keeping the layout because it works and to change it up would mean a much higher budget and replacing the entire floor of this open concept home.
  • Cabinets - We will keep the boxes and possibly just repaint the bottom doors and replace the upper doors with glass. Being builder grade the doors are thermofoil (meh) but they are white and just need refreshing. You can just order new doors and I think that glass will open things up. We plan on replacing the pantry door to a cabinet door and possibly (if the budget allows) use beadboard or something similar on the bottom part of the island/counter.
  • Hardware - Replace with something more modern.
  • Appliances - Best thing to do in a kitchen remodel is to change them out to new and in this case will plan on going stainless steel. 
  • Counters - They are Corian builder grade and although I'd love to do Carrera marble, not sure if it's practical here. We may go with a quartz instead, like Caeserstone in white. 
  • Sink - Farmhouse
  • Backsplash - Tumbled marble or glass tiles...or subway.
These are the basics for a good kitchen remodel and I will share when we get started...most likely after the first of the year! For's time to party with some of my best blogging friends for our weekly series...


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