Decorating A Unique Blush Table And Current Crushes

I'm blushing in, this tablescape setting that is brought to you by one of my favorite colors forever of BLUSH PINK. I just love a color that is barely there and maybe it's more correct to call some of those colors pastels but to me they are all just a blush. Blush blue, blush lavender...etc. Today though I started with these antique French Limoges dishes that years ago I purchased from a friend. She is an interior designer that we work with in our family business and her mother had passed away, and I was helping her with the estate. I love them...the blush flowers are so soft and feminine and the rippled edges are washed with gold gilding that is done by hand. Sometimes I see...

listings of similar porcelain on-line and it's referred to as hand painted, but these Limoges plates were generally made for the U.S. market and decal embellished with hand painted detailing of gold gilding. The napkins are vintage as well and I wanted a bit of pink, so I OMBRE DYED them and tucked them in-between my everyday dinnerware and the Limoges.

The stemware with more blush and "blush green" is always perfect when using these plates and the candlelight makes them glow. Down the center of the table is one of the BLUSH THROWS that I sell in my ESTY SHOP. Those who have followed me for awhile on-line probably know that I started out mostly as vintage seller, then added my own lines of linens to my retail website SHABBYFUFU. I have been slowing down the selling and now just carry a few things on ETSY, and hope to add in some more VINTAGE over the coming months.

I found the prettiest white roses with kisses of blush in the center and they were starting to wilt, so I snipped them off just below the heads. Then I tossed them into some seeded eucalyptus down the center of the table. This took literally no more than 10 minutes to do, which is an easy way to create a centerpiece when you have no time to spare (like over the holidays). 

And another piece of antique Limoges that I don't use often enough is this cake stand. Why? It's tucked away in a cabinet in the dining area behind I can look at it, keep the clutter down and keep it away from dust. I don't know about you, but I do like the look of open shelving but for all practical purposes it wouldn't work in our home and I don't want to be cleaning them. 

Detail love...and it is an original decal, but a gorgeous one for sure. The Cinderella pumpkins have had such amazing texture this year and honestly I don't recall this look until the last couple of years. Do you? Did you ever look at wedding blogs for table setting ideas? I often do and if you are searching for unique LINENS IN BLUSH, you just might be able to find what you are looking for in wedding supply shops.

I plan on including some BLUSH into my Christmas this year and have already started gearing up with lots to share! Have a great Wednesday everyone and below are some of my favorite BLUSH OBSESSIONS in a SHOP THE LOOK for your convenience. Affiliate links are used and I do make a tiny commission if you use them, but you are not paying a cent extra....just so you know :-))

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