20 Festive and Thrifty Homemade Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

Festive and thrifty homemade holiday gift wrapping is such fun to make and as a former art teacher and avid craft lover I enjoy making some every single holiday season!

For the holiday season, I generally do my shopping early and as soon as Target came out with their line of Christmas goodies I was in the store for some Sugar Paper wrapping. This isn't sponsored or any of that...I just love their paper, boxes and ribbon and have been buying it for several seasons now. I was IN LOVE when I saw the shelves being stocked this year with PINK and GOLD. Not just any pink, but BLUSH PINK. I hope that the men in my life won't mind receiving gifts tied up in decidedly...
feminine tones. If you've been following my blog journey then you know that I love pinks...but have definitely toned down to barely there whisper shades.

Tomorrow I'm sharing my living room dressed up for the holidays with some special blogging friends and although pink won't be posted I have another post or two up my sleeve to share with you PINK girls soon. For today, I'm talking Christmas Wrapping Paper though in another of my ROUND UPS with 20 different ideas for you to peruse. Which one is your favorite? I'd love for you to let me know in the comments, since I'm in deep planning mode for my 2017 blog agenda. 

Oh...and here is one of my own ideas and you can read that in THIS HOME TOUR post:-)

Festive and Thrifty Homemade Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

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