Finding Focus After a Week of Turmoil


Happy Saturday friends! Originally I was going to post some DIY gifts to make for the holidays today, but it's been quite a week here in the U.S. with worldwide repercussions and frankly my mind is still reeling with all that has taken place. I don't get into...

talking about certain subjects here on the blog, such as politics or religion but of course I do read and educate myself on current happenings and the last few days have been a doozy. Understatement, right?


I'm pretty big into networking on Facebook...of which I have a love/hate relationship...a story for another day perhaps. I've seen so much negativity and spewing of hate over there that I've sunken into my own world of seeing the beauty in everything and trying to see some in everyone as well. We are all one, give peace a chance and look at the glass half full and not empty. Some of my personal credos to live by when the going is rough. My family affectionately calls me "the Fu"and accuses me of living in flowers, butterflies, ponies and unicorns...and although they are just kidding around, this week I have sort of retreated to that. SO...let's all get along and move on. K?

I would truly LOVE it if you are new here (or not) if you spent some time bumming around the blog and talk to me. Leave me a comment...I love that!

Now it's time for Home Style Saturdays with my lovely friends! 


Dramatic Kitchen Renovation without Removing Cabinets
Savvy Southern Style


julie said...

Thank you for making the world a better place through the beauty of your decor and photography! It was just what this girl needed after a rough week!

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

Beautifully said, Janet! Your photos are lovely as well! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Leena

Burlap Luxe said...

All is beautiful, pro or con if we all just start moving on spirits will lift. We have a lot to look forward to and to keep the fuel burning on an out come just delays positive actions.
You my dear alway brighten a day with beauty, sharing is your best asset. Love all the bloggers here who Join in on Home-Style Saturday.

Safta2Eight said...

It is truly a joy for me to see all the lovelies that you post and the how to's that you share...Thank you Sweet Lady for being a beautiful inspiration.

captiveinflorida said...

Sweet words from a sweet woman. Your talent and creativity ARE a solace from the madness that seems to have taken over our world. Thank you! PS that chair and those flowers well just .... sigh.....

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