How To Make Gorgeous and Frugal Christmas Wood Projects

Once upon a time I made things for Christmas. Lots of things, pretty things, white things and pink things. I designed things and had them made by several different seamstresses. I sewed things and painted things.
I sold lots and lots of these 'things' and started...
doing that first on eBay in the late '90's and then on my website. Up until a couple of years ago. You see I have been designing, creating and selling ever since I can recall. I was an art major in college and since money was scarce for my parents beyond paying my tuition and a place to live. I had to make my own money for anything extra and selling my art was the way to accomplish my lofty and youthful goals...


When my kiddos were small I was determined to be a stay at home mom and I started a company where I made things. 

I sold things. To be specific, that was in the early 1990's when this little girl was just a wee one. She turned 30 last week and the time is just whizzing by! I started hand painting clothing and although obviously this non digital photo is nothing short of faded beyond faded, you can sort of see her little cotton dress. Not the best of the work, but I don't have a lot of pictures to share. I started a VERY successful clothing line called Pour It On Productions and did it all myself...from a little studio beside our home and was pulling in about $1K a week selling to stores and doing shows. 


I got burned out making things for others and now I just make things for me. For my home. For the blog. Mostly I'm enjoying this crazy job of mine that is blogging and being a freelance photographer and social media "influencer" or maven. A gatherer...and today I've gathered 20 GORGEOUS projects for you if indeed you enjoy creating CRAFTS AND DIY. For you, or to sell...


  1. DIY Wood Christmas Tags from
  2. Wood Slat Christmas Sign from
  3. Scrap Wood Christmas Tree from
  4. A Rustic Stacked Wood Christmas Tree from
  5. Christmas Pen And Ink Wood Slice Ornaments from
  6. Rustic Scrap Wood Christmas Tree from
  7. Christmas Ornaments: Wood Burned Ornament Tutorial from
  8. Christmas Gift Tag Ornaments from
  9. DIY Color Blocked Wood Christmas Forest from
  10. Wood Slice Snowman Ornament from
  11. Christmas Sheet Music Wood Slice from
  12. DIY Thread & Wood Christmas Ornaments from
  13. Create Rustic Wooden Christmas Tree Ornaments from
  14. Woodland Animals Wood Slice Ornaments from
  15. Make DIY Tool Ornaments from
  16. Wooden Christmas Tree Box from
  17. Rustic Wood Decoupage Ornament Tutorial from
  18. Rustic Stained Wood Gift Tags from
  19. Modern Wood Trees Using Color Stain from
  20. Cinnamon Stick Himmeli from