Informative Table Setting Guide For All Seasons

roses in chinoiserie flower pot

I've shared a lot of fall inspiration this year and and I hear've had enough! I'm thinking old school I suppose, since I've been blogging for a long time. have a lot of choices to read and I thank you to everyone who took my survey from the NEWSLETTER yesterday because I truly want to post WHAT YOU LIKE. For those that don't subscribe, the link to the SURVEY will be at the end of this post and it would help me out immensely if you took it (60 seconds of your time, promise!).

So today I'm sharing a wrap-up of table setting posts and I'm not completely finished with tables, since next week I'm sharing in two more fabulous blog groups that I've committed to. Hopefully you'll get some ideas for your THANKSGIVING TABLE. 


This AUTUMN I've done so many themes and since I seem to vascilate between vintage, tattered (shabby:-) and elegant, high end (chic:-) I am constantly playing with new ideas and looks. I read blogs myself and get some of my table ideas not only from friends but from wedding blogs and of course... PINTEREST. If you are a Pinterester I'd love to have you FOLLOW ME THERE, where I have a board or two dedicated to TABLE SETTING pins. I won't be sharing many for Christmas, so after next week we are done for awhile ;-)

See more of the photos above in HOW TO LAYER PLATES IN A TABLESCAPE


And I've been crushing on copper like many of you for several years now, so I set this table with a mix of vintage copper and new for a THANKSGIVING TABLE SETTING IDEAS display.


And I truly hope that you haven't ditched the pumpkins yet, since they are perfect for THANKSGIVING! Going back to our roots, it's all about the SEASONAL HARVEST and all it takes is a handful of these to celebrate the season.


And doesn't have to be particularly complicated to have the look of a carefully planned table setting. Here is my plan that I showed you pictorially in HOW TO SET AN ELEGANT TABLE.
  • Decide on a theme...I wanted a soft pastel tablescape here.
  • Choose a tablecloth (or not) and your table linens
  • I start thinking about my theme when I'm shopping for my flowers, which is in most cases the grocery store. Color is key to a tablescape, but if you can't find what you are looking for...then white mixed with greenery is always a safe bet.
  • Arrange your flowers and set them on the table.
  • Add your place settings with dishes, flatware and stemware
  • Fill in as you like with accessories...thinking candlesticks and seasonal items.
And there you have it!