Learn How To Gold Leaf A Thrift Store Candelabra


My mantra and main focus for this blog is based on how I live my life. After all...isn't that how it should be when you try to be the best authentic YOU? Although the blog is called 'Shabbyfufu' and over the almost 18 years that I've been on the web (yikes!) I've had my qualms about the moniker and still do this day think of changing it up. I'm really not very "fufu" or "frou frou", but I do like sparkly things and romantic things around my home. But I'm a girl who is also in love with PATINA. Big time...so that is where the "shabby" comes into play. 

Today I'm sharing a quick DIY with you on the thrift store candelabra above that has been given several treatments over the years. Oh yeah...I am thrifty and mix new and old to create my looks. So here's what...


The CANDELABRA was found some years ago with a blah and dull silver-esque metallic finish. I would gauge this to be from maybe mid-century and it's a cast pot metal piece. I've painted it AQUA in this SUMMER POST from a couple of years ago and then at some point did a bronze tone over it. Never one to leave things alone for very long and working on my HOLIDAY decorating, I found my box of supplies that I haven't used it awhile that had some GOLD LEAF paper inside. 


I've been feeling crafty and try and rework pieces from the past, as in this wreath that I'll talk about in another post. Last year I didn't buy anything really for Christmas and shared a HOW TO DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS ON A BUDGET post with a few tips for the DIY'ers. 


Applying GOLD LEAF is really simple, but messy and I am far from an expert. I sourced a pack{affiliate}  that contains 100 sheets of GOLD LEAF plus 100 sheets of COPPER LEAF and 100 sheets of SILVER LEAF and actually just ordered it myself. At under $20 it's a great price and you can work on projects galore. Find it HERE.  You'll need some MOD PODGE or good old school glue, and a soft brush.

Learn How To Gold Leaf A Thrift Store Candelbra

In less than 1/2 hour I gave the candelabra a new life of GOLD, by just brushing on the glue, letting it set until tacky and carefully applying some of the GOLD LEAF. I didn't want to cover the entire piece, but I could have by laying it on and overlapping. I let the GOLD LEAF dry for a little while and then rubbed it into the crevices a little bit with my fingers. Wear latex gloves to keep it off your hands if desired. When I was satisfied I sprayed on some clear sealer and now...

gold candles christmas

 It has a whole new look, yet still maintains that VINTAGE appeal that led me to it in the THRIFT STORE in the first place.


I have an on-going LOVE affair with OMBRE  and found THESE CANDLES that are a steal...so check them out if you love metallics as I do. 


A little look at my dining room that I'm still working on for Christmas and surprise...it's going to have just some subtle touches of PINK!