Making My Own Pretty Gift Tags With Pilot Pen

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This post is sponsored by Pilot Corporation Of America

With Thanksgiving happening this week, I'm pretty sure that you are as busy as I am getting ready...right? Not sure why, but I'm more ready this year for Christmas than I am for Thanksgiving, but maybe that's because our family won't all be getting together this year until Christmas when we plan on meeting up at the beach place to celebrate, relax and hang out. It will be a quiet one for us here next week but I will prepare the usual in smaller doses. As for the Christmas decorating, two trees are up and I can't wait to share with you soon!

I've been wrapping gifts as time permits and getting creative with my cards and gift tags. Later this week I have a post coming up for you with...
lots of ideas to create your own gift wrapping, so watch for that if you enjoy paper and I do. Speaking of pens, I'm thrilled to partner with Pilot Pen Corporation for this post because you know that I only endorse products that I use or believe in and in our home we use them. They are the #1 selling gel ink pen brand in the U.S. and the longest for me in my home office and my creative endeavors. The colors are vibrant for crafting and just plain old writing, as they use pigments instead of dyes. Makes sense to me!

I used a paper punch to cut out my own gift tags with decorative card stock paper. I rarely find pre-made gift tags that I actually like so I make my own. On this one I used several of the G2 pens and doodled out a little tree and added some ornaments and a star on top. The pens come in 15 colors so there are lots to choose from and they last a long time with no drying out. 


You know how some pens won't write on top of shiny wrapping paper or cards? The Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pens will do that job, and you can see my tags that are made from the shiny decorative card-stock look pretty awesome:-). I also have some small craft store stars made from balsa wood and the pens are pretty perfect for writing on those too. If you find balsa wood stars at your craft store, brush on a layer of school glue and sprinkle with glitter to use either as an ornament or tuck in to your gifts for a special treat.

Do you have someone in your life who keeps a journal? My daughters both have kept journals ever since they learned how to write and it's a tradition to give them every year. I'll just tie on a pretty ribbon and tuck a few of these G2 Gel pens behind each ribbon for a pretty and useful gift. If you are gift adult coloring books you can do the same...the pens are a perfect accompaniment!

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Thank you to Pilot Pen Corporation for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own. 
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