Budget Decorating - Quick Tips For Christmas Trees and Wreaths


Happy Saturday friends...and I hope that your long holiday weekend has been a great one so far. I've been doing some Christmas decorating and feel like a slacker, because I'm usually a lot more into it than I am this year. Not sure why I feel this way, but I have put up three trees...so maybe I'm not. Hah! Today I want to share just a few tips if you are resuscitating an old tree (or wreath) as I did above. You can see more of that tree HERE before I share it decorating in more of a Charlie Brown style in a post to come. See...I told you that I'm slacking!
This tree is old and I got it as a kind donation from a friend who was tossing it in the trash because of malfunctioning lights. No worries, I dug deep with my clippers and cut off every. single. wire. It took a good couple of hours, but if you have a tree that you love but the lights are 'on the blink', DO IT. Just toss on some new strands and the tree is good as new. But I digress...this one was also yellowed, so I spray painted it white. It's sparse, so I grabbed a bag of quilt stuffing and stuffed it for a snow like effect. Ta daaa....a day's worth of work for some extra snowy beauty.


And this one...a curbside find and I maybe be Shabbyfufu but I'm not above things like that:-))  It was a WHITE CHRISTMAS TREE too in a former life, but I wanted green...so I sprayed it with several different shades of green for depth and dressed it up. Pretty enough to be a magazine, actually a couple of them! For more about that project and some CHRISTMAS WREATH DIYs...check out what I showed you HERE and HERE and keep your budget in check!

Budget Decorating - Quick Tips For Christmas Trees and Wreaths

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