The BEST Delicious and Pretty Pink Cocktails

Pretty and delicious pink cocktails are such a fun way to entertain...and for those who love to add

a decidedly feminine touch to a party I have rounded up 20 drinks for you today. I love drinking light at parties and prosecco is one of those "easy to craft a cocktail around" spirits. What is prosecco you might ask? It's Italy's version of champagne or sparkling wine and it's a little more fruity in taste than the former. I find it a perfect accompaniment to desserts like the mini cupcakes that I served above. It's delicious combined with various fruits and syrups and a scoop of sorbet makes a drink into a dessert!


Can we talk about pretty too? I've linked my own recipe below, as well as 19 have fun creating these for Christmas, Valentines Day, a girl's fun lunch or just because!
  1. Cupid's Pink Arrow {a Valentines Day Cocktail} from
  2. Very Pink Raspberry Cosmopolitan Cocktail from
  3. Pink Gimlet Cocktail And Mocktail from
  4. Pink Dream Cocktail Recipe from
  5. Pink Coconut Frost Cocktail from
  6. Cocktail Friday: Pink Mojito from
  7. Pink Lemontini Champagne Cocktail from
  8. Peeps & Patron from
  9. Pink Spritzer Cocktails With Voveti Prosecco from
  10. Drunkin' Watermelon Cocktail from
  11. Cold Cocktail from
  12. Bottoms Up :: Blueberry-lemon Fizz from
  13. "barbie-licious" Pink Drinks from
  14. The Shelby {a Steel Magnolias Inspired Cocktail} from
  15. Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punch from
  16. Raspberry Mint Pink Moscato Cocktail from
  17. Raspberry Peach FrosÈ (frozen RosÈ) from
  18. Pomegranate Rose Gin Fizz from
  19. Strawberry FrosÈ (frozen RosÈ Slushies) from
  20. Igglybuff PokÈmon - Sweet Kiss Cocktail from