20 Terrific DIY Pink Decorating Projects For Your Home


For today's post, I thought that I would talk about the color PINK and my long time love affair with it. Long time...as in, I have loved PINK DECOR ever since I was a little girl and I STILL have the pink blanket that was on my bed then! A bit tattered perhaps, but back in the day textiles were rock solid and one of my daughters
now has it and uses it folded up in her place. And speaking of way back, I shared a bedroom with my sister and insisted that it be painted PINK. I was so into decorating that I divided our room with chairs and rope because I wanted my side to look a certain way and she didn't care. Hah!

Now that I'm not a kid any longer (far from it) I have toned down the hues of Pepto Pink to shades of BLUSH. Just Google "Shabbyfufu Pink"and you'll come up with something like this...


You'll find DIYs, room decorating and styling, and products that I've designed and sold over the years that I've been active on-line. Talk about a toss back! 

Here are a few posts about PINK that you might be interested in:
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Today I have have some projects from other bloggers to share that I think you'll LOVE and all of them are PINK!


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  12. DIY Gold Trimmed Chalkboard from asweetafternoon.com
  13. DIY Update Anthropologie Wall Organizer from fishandbull.com
  14. Giant Pink Dice Side Table Storage from awwsam.com
  15. DIY Fruit Slice Shelf from abubblylife.com
  16. DIY Pom Pom Flowers from blitsy.com
  17. Color Block Crochet Baskets from persialou.com
  18. DIY Polka Dot Wood Tray from sarahhearts.com
  19. Dragon Fruit Painted Terra Cotta Pot from artfuldays.io
  20. DIY Paper Flower Bells from thehousethatlarsbuilt.com