Breathtaking Blue - Beautiful A Timeless Home Trend


Blue hues...from indigo to navy, are some of the hottest color trends in home decor. You see them in all styles of homes from traditional to modern and this timeless hue has always had a place in my heart. It may be a trend, but it's a welcome one in my thought process that sort of disappeared off the mainline radar of favor for a short time and I feel is now here to stay. Blue has so many hues, and is the sort of color that you can go bold with or...

just add a touch. Even one piece will be lifechanging if you've never thought about sampling some blue hues in your home! I tend to go for softer tones if you know me, like aqua or powder blue, or faded French blue...nothing too bold for the most part.

Breathtaking Blue - Beautiful A Timeless Home Trend


When my friends at Nourison Rugs reached out to me recently about working with them on a BLUE HUES project, I was thrilled to be able to choose this rug for our beach home! Nourison is a company that I've long admired after visiting their showroom and their rugs inspire luxury and style in home decor. 

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Because of our ocean view I selected the KARMA RUG in blue and it's even prettier than I expected it to be. It has an heirloom distressed appearance and a sculpted texture and is made of synthetics, which is good for someone like me that is allergic to wool. We've been slowly working on some changes to our beach place and I'll be sharing more later this week, but this rug is EVERYTHING and I can't believe that we have never had one in the living room before. I mean....HELLO!

It gives a soft spot for feet and the dogs and brings out the aqua of the glass in the coffee table that we received for free from a client that was tossing it out. The base used to be black, and when we acquired it I sprayed it a silver tone to coordinate with the mirror. By the way....we've had the mirror and the table for about 13 years and if you choose timeless pieces that will never be outdated. Like the POTTERY BARN SLIPCOVERED SOFA & LOVESEAT that are holding up so well.


Since we will be spending Christmas up here I've added a few touches, but definitely keeping it simple this year. My yard sale bottle with a sprig of pine and cedar should last and is enough to get the point across in a most subtle way. I moved the WHITE GINGER JARS out of the bedroom and we are set to just enjoy the look.


Some chunky knit sweater throws and the room is winterized...except for the Christmas tree. 


I'll be talking some more about this tree soon...but it came to me unexpectedly and I'm just so in love with the flocking and the fullness! Let me know if you have any questions about the rug...and I hope that you keep checking back all week because I have LOTS of content to share. For more posts about the BEACH HOME check HERE...

I was not compensated for this post, but I received the rug from Nourison and the love of it is strictly my own.