Five Easy Ways To Transition To Winter Decorating

elegant white mantel with roses

When it comes time to put away the Christmas decor, I find it to be a feeling of cleansing or a fresh start for the new year. This coming week I'll be headed back home (still up at the beach house) and down come the Christmas trees and the hours of work that went into it all will be a mere memory! It's going to be time to clean out the closets as well and donate boxes of what has been accumulated and the decor will be light and simple. Here are 5 ways that I transition from Christmas to winter and they are quick easy tips for you to perhaps pick up in your home... 

french country white living room


It's my thing to love white, but I don't like my home to be a cookie cutter of anyone else's and neither should you! The first thing that I do when the Christmas decor items are removed is to give EVERYTHING a thorough cleaning. Slipcovers are washed, pillow slips are cleaned, paint is touched up when necessary and believe it or not this rug was dragged outside and washed with some dish soap and hosed off. I LOVE synthetic rugs like this FAUX FLOKATI at my affiliate for the ease of clean up and with white it's necessary. CAN live with white!

white duvet with ruffles


I always use white sheets on our bed for the bleaching factor and the fact that we have 3 dogs who love to jump up and snuggle when they can get away with it. Some of my favorite duvet covers and coverlets over the years have been white and it's just a clean, lovely look.

coastal bedroom

The Santorini Duvet that I have at our beach home just happens to be on sale right now and I LOVE this easy to make up bed! Find the SANTORINI at my affiliate link. 

french living room in white


A well placed architectural piece in either white or grey can bring a winter feel into your home without saying "Christmas". The white shutter was a curbside find and you can generally source these quite inexpensively at thrift shops. I've used mine (I have a pair) to hide "junque" when doing photo shoots, to hanging dresses on and have made dressing screens in the past by hinging a couple of them together. You wouldn't know that there is an a/c vent hidden behind the shutter in this shot:-). 

The vintage window adds a bit of a winter look as well and with the wood panes you can tap in a tiny nail and hang jewelry or other bits for display.

white slipcovered chair with ruffles


Do you remember when we used to sell these slipcovers in the shop? I may bring them back again at some point, and slipcovering a chair or sofa in white is just perfect for a winter feel. Toss them in the wash when dirty with some bleach and for color infusion add some bright pillows if that is your style.

white vintage bridal wreath


Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean that you can't use a wreath in your home! A white wreath made from natural elements or vintage millinery as mine will bring that snowy look indoors and there are so many ways to create wreaths that it's mind boggling. 

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