Make Magic With Holiday Ham Leftovers

I'm so excited to have the family together for the next few days during this holiday season and gather around the table to eat, drink and be merry! Breakfast, lunches, dinners...I enjoy it because these days it's mostly just my husband and me and it feels like old times but all grown up times :-). I'm partnering with Smithfield Bacon today and making some magic with their delicious spiral sliced ham.

In our home we have some traditions when it comes to food for the holidays. We enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with roasted turkey and all that goes with. For Christmas dinner we purchase a spiral sliced ham and for New Years Eve we do stone crabs. With the exception of the stone crab claws that are a one shot deal, I love being able to stretch out what I cook and feed the flock that is generally hanging around the refrigerator at lunch time. Sandwiches are always a win - win, but there is more to the art of food than a plain sandwich. So I tell my husband...but he will take a ham or turkey sandwich any day for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Smithfield Signature Spiral Sliced Hams are so easy to prepare and as a long time homemaker I've made many, so this is a natural for me to write about. To me the holiday table somehow isn’t complete without a Smithfield Signature Spiral Sliced Ham, because I’ve been serving it to my family for so long. Precooked ham is easy to prepare and I do tend to be a lazy cook sometimes, so all the better:-) You heat it in the oven at 275 degrees for about 10 – 12 minutes per pound, then brush on the tasty glaze and you’re done. 

Smithfield Signature Spiral Sliced Ham is quite versatile, so you can serve it for dinner, and then incorporate leftover slices into delicious appetizers or your favorite brunch recipe the next morning.

My husband and the kids are all about sandwiches and there are some delicious recipes that you download on the Smithfield website. Ham, Brie and Strawberry Sliders is definitely one to try this week! There are suggestions for cooking and serving side items and this one goes with Ballpark Style Garlic Fries and Arugula and Blood Orange Salad. Yum! 

I have my own favorite recipe for Croque Madame sandwiches that can be made with Smithfield Spiral Sliced Ham and I shared that with you HERE before.

Ham and Potato Chip Tortilla I'm pretty sure is going to make a hit with my daughter and her fiancé who are big fans of Mexican food and have a chance to eat lots of it in Texas where they live. I love how the Smithfield website pairs each main dish with a couple of tasty sides and the recipes are easy to recreate.