Shortcut To Easy Delicious Appetizers - Holiday Entertaining


Just a few more days until Christmas, and it's the time of year that I LOVE to entertain the most! We have family and friends coming in from out of town and I can't wait to treat them to some of my favorite appetizers, cocktails and recipes that I've gather over the years that I've been a homemaker. This one above is for the most DELICIOUS drink for the holidays and it's decadent, so I'll be doing that extra mile or two so that I can feel better about indulging. You'll find the recipe for THIS COCKTAIL to be easy, and I'm pretty sure that you'll want to make it too. 

And then there is THIS DELICIOUS TREAT...
A spread that consists of CHOCOLATE and CHEESE...two of life's finest pleasures mixed together and found in THIS RECIPE

I've gathered together 20 recipes that will knock your guest's socks off for your entertaining over the next couple of weeks, and I hope that you enjoy them! 


  1. Prosciutto Wrapped Dates With Goat Cheese from
  2. Mediterranean Tartlet Appetizer from
  3. Tomato Jam Crostini from
  4. Goat Cheese Stuffed Turkey And Quinoa Balls from
  5. Easy Garlic Feta Dip from
  6. Roasted Balsamic Cranberry Brie Crostini Appetizer from
  7. Kahlua Pecan Brie from
  8. Easy Dill Dip Recipe from
  9. Caprese Crescent Appetizer Recipe from
  10. Grinch Fruit Kabobs from
  11. Jalapeno Deviled Eggs With Smoked Paprika And Crispy Prosciutto from
  12. Grannies Clam Dip from
  13. Bacon Sriracha Deviled Eggs from
  14. Christmas Crostini from
  15. Pepperoni & Fire Roasted Pepper Roll-ups from
  16. Halloween Themed Appetizer from
  17. Festive Guacamole from
  18. Deviled Eggs With Beets And Smoked Salmon from
  19. Raisin Jam And Goat Cheese Crostini from
  20. Crostini Two Ways from
Speaking of food...the winner of the Smithfield Bacon Bar Coupon Book has been chosen and emailed, so that giveaway is now closed. Happy weekend everyone!