What Has Been Trending For 2016 On The Blog at Shabbyfufu

Happy weekend everyone and a happy weekend here because we will be busy with family and friends! This week has been one of reflection for me personally...thinking about 2016 and all that's gone on and transpired and looking back on my little world of blogging. I am doing some planning for next year, because that is how it goes in this business and am hoping that I can bring my dear readers the sort of content that they would like to see. It's not easy! The world is fast changing and you know that saying "one day you are in and the next day you are out" sometimes is worrisome. We do the best that we can, and the
photo collage above is a collection of shots from my top five posts of the year. There is a common thread running through them all and yet...do I want to stay on that path? More soon, and more Christmas shares coming this week to inspire you. For now I'm turning it over to my dear blog friends for another rendition of Home Style Saturdays. Make it a great one and subscribe to the newsletter if you don't yet!