Autumn Touches That Will Make You Crave Simple

Trying to make some lemonade over here at our beach home where life is back to normal after the scary and disruptive Hurricane Irma last week. Not a bad place to hang out for sure, but if you've never experienced hurricane force winds through the night and you are on the ocean...all I can say is wow! As I write this post there is STILL no power in our Miami home and we don't yet if there is damage inside. A waiting game to head down there, and although I know from neighbors the outside property took a major blow....we sit. We wait. Until power is restored.

All of this has made us think priorities and simplification of our lives...


I don't often work when I'm here, but this past week I have and I'm sharing the most subtle of autumn touches as we transition slowly out of hot, hot, hot in Florida to a double shot of hot ;-) 

Autumn Touches That Will Make You Crave Simple

I had a little bit of fun the other day over on my INSTAGRAM feed and asked..."what do you call this style?"

How To Decorate For Fall Without Pumpkins

It's been a week since I blogged, but more importantly...a week since that awful dread of Hurricane Irma came our way. I am happy to report that we are fine and have been working and enjoying the comfort of electricity at our beach home that was spared a direct hit. Our home in Miami (3 hrs away) is STILL without power, but it should be back soon and from all accounts our home was spared there too. Sigh of relief...and will see what the inside looks like once the shutters come down and if any mold has managed to sneak in. But let's talk pumpkins on this Saturday...or in this case, lack of.

white and blue hydrangea arrangement in copper

Weeks before the storm threats I was invited to join in on some Fall Home Tours with blogging friends and have two full posts coming this week. Honestly I was not prepared to be here at the beach where my decor is clean and sparse. So I took it on as a delightful challenge and one to take my mind off what has been occurring in my home state of Florida. Pumpkins be gone...or just very lightly used for autumn.

Fall Decorating - Organizing Tea - And Hurricanes

I decided that I'd take my mind off of what's been on my mind for the last week and join my friends for Home Style Saturdays. As I am writing this on Friday evening, I'm thinking about what's to come with Hurricane Irma. I shot this image a few days ago here at our beach home, during a week that was supposed to be our vacation.


A vacation cut short and we feel totally prepared and yet at the same time completely unprepared for Hurricane Irma. I've been through hurricanes before as a Floridian and THIS ONE was your worst nightmare come true.

How To Decorate A Fall Mantel That Will Get Noticed

I take decorating a mantel very seriously. Okay, not should be playful and fun! I've had quite a few lovely readers over the years tell me that their biggest dilemma is knowing how to start.  

How To Decorate A Fall Mantel That Will Get Noticed

First things first and in seasonal decorating you will most likely think about color first. My own rebellious independent spirit generally doesn't necessarily sense color intrinsically with the season. 

jewel tones for autumn fall decor

Since the season's bounty won't be appearing for sometime in Florida, one thing that I do know as a designer and blogger is that I have to go faux.

Have An Awesome Playdate With Your Home

I'm kind of like a big kid who loves to play dress up. Not dress up in the sense of my personal style, because honestly I'm usually working at home and in yoga clothes and flip flops. The clothing wardrobe may be mundane most days, but when it comes to my home I fashion myself as a chameleon of color and a wizard of wardrobe! With a neutral background and furnishings it's easy to have a playdate with YOUR home.

 Have An Awesome Playdate With Your Home

elegant fall table centerpieces

I'm always chattering around here about designing with a neutral background and I practice what I preach. Benjamin Moore White Dove walls, furnishings that are pale and interesting with texture and simplistic French style lines. If you haven't yet...get out the paint brush and get to work on those walls and you'll whip up a new look in a matter of hours. Then comes the playdate...the fun part...

How To Create A Simple Elegant Mantel For Fall

Sometimes simple is best and I don't like to overthink seasonal decor. The architectural elements of a room are number one in my book of thought with color and furniture placement falling in line after that. A mantel can be an amazing part of a room's design and decorating it seasonally is foolproof in drawing the eye. Here's how I make it work with some simple styling ideas...

How To Create A Simple Elegant Mantel For Fall

french country style fall mantel decorating

First and foremost if you have a mantel or are decorating a shelf, please don't fall into that mode of thinking that everything has to be perfect...

Portfolio Of Pretty - Simple Wreaths To Make For Fall

I've been saving the summer flowers and getting ready to make my own fall wreaths. I love pretty things, but nothing overboard and these days keep it pretty and simple. It's so satisfying to create your own wreaths and centerpieces for every season because you can do it to suit your style from French farmhouse to cottage style, traditional and all white.

Portfolio Of Pretty - Simple Wreaths To Make For Fall

dried flower shabby chic romantic wreath

I like to think outside the box and not just make wreaths for a front door, but those are great to do as well. My simple wreath made for fall shown here is made to hang inside only, and here's how...

A Traumatic Experience 25 Years Backward In Time

Just getting a bit real today, while I think about one of my darling daughters who lives in Texas in the path of Hurricane Harvey. It's ironic that this past week marks 25 years since Hurricane Andrew struck the southern part Miami and plowed right down our neighborhood creating a night of terror for my family that we will never forget.

It howled and when they talk about tornadoes sounding like a freight train, that's how it sounded for the entire night of August 24, 1992.

Beautiful Velvet For An Elegant Fall Table Tablescape

Beautiful velvet always adds such an elegant touch, whether it's a structured blazer, a holiday dress or in this case...velvet pumpkins. If you love to set a refined yet opulent table for the fall season you just can't beat the luxury of velvet added into your mix.

Beautiful Velvet For An Elegant Fall Table Tablescape

I hope to inspire you to think outside the normal color choices for the fall season. I think that softly muted colors that are still found in nature but perhaps not thought of for fall decorating are perfectly different and can be perfectly your own choice.

blue and white hydrangeas fall centerpiece

Thank you to our generous sponsor LoveFeastShop for providing these exquisite pumpkins to style with and if you are coming over from my friend Lory of Designthusiasm, welcome! The quality of these velvet pumpkins is incredible and it's evident they are built to last and last. Here's how I styled this table and where to begin perhaps when you set up an autumn tablescape in your home...

Behind The Scenes Of Coffee Table Styling - 3 Ways

Let's talk coffee table styling today and that's something that I love to do and have done for myself and styling jobs upteen times over the years. It's fun and possibly shouldn't ever be taken super seriously!

Behind The Scenes Of Coffee Table Styling - 3 Ways

I've been moving things around again and considering a swap out of the coffee table that is normally in our family room. This former store display table that I cut the legs off of and painted it (around 15 years ago) with milk paint may be a bit too rustic for this room. I'm still deciding and will live with it for a few days to see. While it's here I've been playing with arranging and have a few things to talk about today!


I firmly believe that you don't need to stick to labels in decorating your home, or your fashion sensibilities. Do what you like and don't be a strict trend follower and you'll be just your awesome you! It's more about creating a look that...

Late Summer Nights Are Just Right - Take Time Out

Thank you JaM Cellars for sponsoring this post. Looking for Butter Chardonnay or JaM Cabernet near you? Check out our Store Locator! Just pop in your zip code.

Late summer nights are for relaxing and dreaming and the light is just right until night falls and the sun sinks deeply into the sky. It's the switchover before the evenings start to get just a little bit of chill in the air and the months start to fly by towards year's end.

fall flowers outdoor entertaining

You've probably seen our pea gravel patio here before, and this is exactly where we like to be on those nights enjoying sitting under the trees.

3 Things To Make Your Life Easier Right Now

Life is busy and summer is flying by and as a somewhat control freak in my younger years I've learned to relax more and be in the moment. Letting a few things go that in the grand scheme can be given to someone else to do and give me more time to do what I enjoy doing.

tiered tray fruit

I'm sharing what I found that makes my life easier and hoping that you think about what you can do to let things go for yourself to gain more time to fill your soul. Read on...and by the way, do you find the new look of my blog easier to navigate? I'd truly love to hear your thoughts and always read your comments!

3 Things To Make Your Life Easier Right Now

How To Style Your Home with Chic French Farmhouse Decor

Defining style can be a complex conundrum to many homeowners and often I feel that we over think labels. What's your own style? Do you crave vintage farmhouse? Do you go crazy over French antiques? Are you a shabby or coastal chic?

French farmhouse style living room with blue

How To Style Your Home with Chic French Farmhouse Decor

I have a confession to make, and it or may not be how you feel...

How To Anchor Your Room From The Ground Up

When I was doing the styling for the Home Depot photo shoot in our gardens on Friday I had the chance to do several things that I love. It was an exciting job opportunity for me and to work with a team of photographers was just incredibly rewarding and a learning opportunity to hone my own craft further. The fact that I got to do the styling was an honor and it really does start from the ground up. In this case it was patio ground and pea gravel ground.

outdoor patio entertaining table centerpiece

I can't share the results just yet, but I especially love how the pea gravel shoot turned out and I'll have another session out there with the Home Depot on my own next year.

How To Anchor Your Room From The Ground Up

So let's talk about the ground...and setting your anchors...

Why I Had Ten People In My Garden Yesterday

Hi friend...hope you are doing well! I'm going to admit that I'm totally exhausted after spending all day yesterday outside working on a project that I'm so excited about! My garden was buzzing and we were all busy bees working towards a common cause! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen it and the result of it is that I have flowers to fill these pots.

elegant blue living room designs

There were ten of us I think, because sometimes it does take a village to do something like this...

Amazing AQUA Autumn I Fall Decorations For Your Home

It's still hot and the last days of summer, but as bloggers we are always looking to give you a head start on the upcoming season to inspire you to plan. I wanted to share these exquisite silk velvet pumpkins and acorns that are perfect for a COASTAL look. They will just bring that amazing aqua autumn color to the fall decorations in your home and something really different!

aqua velvet pumpkins on a mantel

Amazing AQUA Autumn I Fall Decorations For Your Home

If you indeed still in summer mode or going to start transition your home decor soon, then aqua is the perfect color to bring the beach coastal look in and a color that you can truly use year round. Like on this mantel...

5 Essentials For A Practical And Delightful Porch

Front porch, back porch...any porch. Just the word porch sounds cozy and brings a feeling of relaxing and reveling in nature outside your door. In our home the front porch is pretty utilitarian and there isn't room for rocking as you might think that every southern home would be about. On the other hand, take two and head to the back and it's pretty heavenly out there and much more private! We've lived here as you know for a long time and the back porch has seen several reincarnations so I have some tips as a front porch back porch practitioner of sorts today.

5 Essentials For A Practical And Delightful Porch

comfortable and cozy front porch

Before we start...essentials are just that. Anything that is absolutely necessary and indispensable. You can obviously take any space that you are designing and do it up next level large or go plain.

How I Really Live This Way And You Can Too

I really live this way...and let me tell you that you can too! Because I've been a creative homemaker for over 30 years now and on my own for longer than that, I've learned to do what I've had to and where I am today is a result. Hard work, careful planning and not overspending and learning to DIY a whole bunch! I love teaching and sharing with you guys and will continue to bring more tips to the blog on how you can accomplish your best home and lifestyle. How you can live an elegant life without much fuss or expense as the title of my life and my blog are all about.


How I Really Live This Way And You Can Too

Some exciting things are set to happen here this week that I'll fill you in on when I can, but for now I'll tell you that it's going to be set mostly outside. This is a fancy table setting for sure, but it doesn't have to be to celebrate and enjoy life's little moments. One more thing to show you...

How To Prepare For Fall Decorating NOW

Hi friends! The dog days of summer are here and as luck would have it, one of our air conditioning units that cools the master bedroom wing addition went out yesterday. Thankfully with my husband being a GC he has his subcontractor out here today who is repairing it as we speak. But...fall is on my mind and I feel like singing a happy song! A song about pumpkins and cider and crisp leaves on the ground. Let's get ready for some fall decorating and those cozy feelings that follow suit.

transitional fall decor tablescape

How To Prepare For Fall Decorating NOW

Not just color and flowers, but some good practical advice that I think you'll be able to use these next few weeks in your transition.

5 Easy Ways To Hide Clutter In Your Home

Clutter and how to hide it is an issue that most of us deal with in our homes. There is just something about the stuff in life that we sometimes need and just sometimes plain old want! I talked in my last post about budget thrift store shopping and several of you said that you have to hold back from buying more. With a lot of years as a homemaker I think that I've mastered the fine art of hiding clutter in my home with style in hidden storage and open storage.

5 Easy Ways To Hide Clutter In Your Home

french china cabinet with chicken wire

First and foremost I have a strict family rule that when something new comes into the house, something else needs to go out. I'm not just talking about collectibles, but clothing and shoes, pillows and linens and useless piles of magazines. A general "in with the new then out with the old" rule exists in our lack of closet, built in 1962 home.

How To Shop In Thrift Stores For A Beautiful Home

Don't let the thrift store term scare you, because I am here to tell you that spending your money wisely in decorating your home can have huge payoffs! I've always loved the thrill of the hunt in thrift stores, and in saving money by shopping for certain items I have more cash for other things. High end things! I've been shopping in thrift stores since college days.

thrift store shopping bottles and jars

How To Shop In Thrift Stores For A Beautiful Home

Free Summer Styling Guide And Home Style Saturdays

Happy Saturday and I hope that you've been enjoying the middle of summer! I have to tell you that it's been brutally hot in South Florida where I live and summer is definitely not my favorite season by a long shot. We are at the beach house to cool off this weekend and today I'm hanging with my hubby at a car event. Not my thing...but I know that we will have fun and I treasure our times to get out and about together.

coastal living summer mantel

If you haven't yet signed up for my newsletter I have a link at the bottom of this post and a FREE 61 page SUMMER STYLING BOOK to download! Hurry on that because the download will only be available for a couple more weeks...

Coastal Decorating Ideas Affordable and Easy- In The Spotlight

Coastal Decorating Ideas Affordable and Easy- In The Spotlight

Some of my best advice that crosses the span of decorating, styling and pretty much life in general is to be fearless and make it easy. When it comes to decorating our homes, it's the accessories that we use that bring in our personal style. It's only stuff and if you don't like it...then change it!

Coastal living ideas 

These are always on my radar and they don't have to be overdone. Just go for it and I have something to show you how with a quick budget tip today!

In The Spotlight - Affordable and Fearless Coastal Decorating Ideas

Can I just tell you a little secret?

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - France

Hi friends...Saturday has gotten here quickly and I'm actually up in Atlanta at the moment at the Haven Conference. If you'd like to see more I'm sharing live video snippets on my Instagram Stories, so hope that you pop over there! Today it's time again for my Saturday series sharing some beauty from Instagram and my friends over at Home Style Saturdays, several of whom I'm hanging out with in person right now. Here we go...

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - France

Eiffel Tower Balloons

I'm not sure how I originally came across her feed, but we've been Instagram friends for a couple of years. An American photographer living in Paris and traveling Europe who captures Parisian life so well is Rebecca Plotnick.

How To Make A Unique Book Runner - And FREE Book!

Call me old fashioned, but I love a good book in hand, on the nightstand or sitting on my coffee table. I do have an iPad but I'm just not one who enjoys reading that way. Maybe it's because my very first job as a teen was at a library and it gave me that love of vintage pages of well worn reads and the musty aroma.


With a couple of weeks behind me at the beach I plowed through a couple of novels and am smack dab in the middle of another. Nothing on the educational side but books that I purchased where I do most of a thrift shop. They tend to smell like a heady mix of stuffy apartment combined with sea air and dusty attic. Maybe a candle scent should be concocted for those like me who appreciate that;-) Now I have a confession to make...

Affordable Compromise Kitchen On A Budget

Tada! I am happy to report that FINALLY we are finished with our kitchen remodel of the beach home kitchen and I'm giving us a woo hoo and some back pats! It's been difficult to do a basically DIY remodel long distance and not sure that I'd want to take that on again. We recently spent almost 2 weeks enjoying the place, being out on that beach and not working for a change (and didn't hate it;-).


It's nothing super fancy, but a huge improvement and looks so nice and fresh. When you do a remodel I feel like you need to do it for yourself and make yourself happy and not the internet. After all...YOU live there and not everyone else.

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - Farmhouse

I've been slacking off on my Instagram series but am back today with more and also sharing Home Style Saturdays. Always so much to see here and I'm deep in the throes of getting ready to do double duty this coming week as both a mentor and a teacher of photography! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my blogging friends in Atlanta and catching up...but without further ado let's get started on what I have for you today.

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - Farmhouse


A sweet Instagram friend who is an avid DIYer and a mom of 4 and a Cami's Tidbits and head on over to her feed to see more.

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

With many of today's kitchens having an open concept, there can be several things that distract my eye from seeing total beauty. I'm just one of those people I supposed that notices every. single. thing. and my family does not. I'm the one picking up after everyone when the fam jam is around and when it's just my husband....ditto. Besides life's little messes are one thing and honestly I don't mind, but when it came to designing our beach home kitchen something major did bother me in the before.

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

The "in your face" microwave and although I do use a microwave for mostly just heating up things, I have never wanted to see it when it could be hidden. You'll see it below...

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

How To Give A Bedroom A Dose Of Sophistication

It all starts with the bed in a bedroom, which is probably an obvious point to make...but it's the largest item in most cases. We have been upscaling our beach home as I've been chatting about here for last few months and the master bedroom came into play after the kitchen. I'll be sharing the full reveal on the kitchen soon and can't wait to share my thoughts!


With this view I have always felt that I could do better and give the room the look I felt it deserved. Quiet and calm with a hefty dose of inspiration from my love of French antiques and coastal charm. Nothing too over the top fussy though and easy to keep clean, as I have allergies and we have dogs. Combine that with the fact that we don't live here all of the time (yet;-) so clutter is not a great thing because that means dust bunnies.

The Longest Vacation Ever and Home Style Saturdays

Happy Home Style Saturday! I've been hanging out at our beach home for over a week now and finally headed back home and back to serious work tomorrow. We have been coming to this area for many years now and have had this place for going into the 15th year, and this 10 day trip is the longest that we've spent here...ever. It's been speaking to us and my husband who has endless boundless energy has even had thoughts of slowing down his 30+ year career. We shall see how things play out and trusting in a plan...

shabbyfufublog beach house living room
Via iPhone

Yesterday I shared a post with some artwork and you'll find that linked below. Slowly and with the help of some generous brand partners we are making this home into our vision. I'm so excited to show you more soon!

How To Ace The Artwork To Update Your Home

I hope that you have been enjoying this holiday week so far friend! I've been enjoying relaxing for a change, which is really nice and not something normal for the deeply driven. It's great to be up at the beach home and just hang out enjoying some great east coast beach weather, good food, friends, the dogs and cocktails.

pair of cavalier king charles spaniels

 Please mom and dad...we never want to leave this place, so can we just stay at the beach?

How To Take Amazing Day And Night Photos In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, styling and photography does not come easy or overnight and if it's something that you are passionate about...takes a ton of practice. You know...just like when you were learning to play piano as a child, except perhaps more fun;-)

For the next week or so you may not hear much from me because I'm up at our beach home working and playing. The playing will be fun, and the working is fun for me too...because it's a passion! If you are a blogger and planning on coming to The Haven Conference I'll be teaching styling and photography and I'm working on putting together my course right now.

This Chandelier Will Make You Think About Circles

My husband and I have had more discussions than I can even begin to recall over the years about circles. Circles just make us run around in circles sometimes...pun is intended. You see...he is the kind of guy who thinks in straight lines, coming from an engineering background and part of his daily existence. On the other hand, that's not me and I love things rounded off.

blue and gold beach house design

Maybe that's why we do well together....but some decisions are tough to come by whether it's in home design or even cars.

How To Easily Add A Fire Fountain In The Garden

How could it be possible to combine the relaxing and seductive powers of both water and fire into one feature for the garden? I readily admit that I have never heard of a fire fountain before and now I'm completely smitten with the idea of mixing water and fire into one compact piece.

I am that girl who sits and blogs facing my garden with my channel of zen music playing on Pandora and my essential oil mister spritzing away. At home I have a whitenoise machine playing ocean sounds to help lull me to sleep and at the beach place leave the window open for the real deal.

How To Enjoy The Outside While You Dine

What if you were just having a few friends over for dinner and you wanted everything to look beautiful, but effortless. You want your friends to feel special, but not fussed over.


I'm sharing a dinner party set up that I shot several weeks ago, when it was still bearable to be hosting outside. Truth be told it's been hot and rainy lately so our outdoors will be mostly spent in the pool for the next few months. Here come some photos and I hope you read on and see!


Hi friends and happy Saturday! Based on views I think that you liked the new series that I just started last week citing some inspiring Instagram accounts, so let's go for round two today. I hope on to Instagram a couple of times a day to post, and I admit that it can be like falling down the rabbit hole of inspiration. Kind of like the old days of Pinterest when we would post and look for just pretty pics and things that might sway a decor decision. Now...lots of graphics and maybe not so much charm. Will Instagram go that way or the way of Facebook? Platforms change in a flash, but I promise to always seek and share beauty for you here on the blog. Today it's all about designers who don't follow trends but set them. Go visit and also my other friend who I share with on our ongoing blog series HOMESTYLE SATURDAYS!


studio mcgee instagram

Hosting A Beautiful Summer Celebration Party

Sometimes you just have a few girlfriends over and summer is such a fun time to celebrate outdoors! With the 4th of July holiday coming shortly we are going to spending much of it poolside and the food and drink will be light and refreshing.

beautiful buffet table with pink coupes

I'm so excited to be partnering with Total Wine & More today and have always had the best experience shopping at their store right in my neighborhood when I'm planning something fun!

5 Simple Summer Entertaining Tips For A Coastal Look

Ahh, summer and the ease of it all with entertaining lightly in terms of the table and the menu! As I was getting this table ready for an informal dinner at our beach home you can't see what's on the other side which is still being updated and is getting close to completion. I'll be sharing that with you soon and all of the fun new things that I've been adding in.


Today I'm excited to be joining in with some inspiring bloggers in a series put together by our hosts. I'll be talking about and sharing links to their beautiful stories for you in just a read on for lots of inspiration...

How To Completely Change Your Home Exterior Quickly

The front exterior of our home is pretty typical for this suburban south Florida neighborhood that was built along a series of canals in the early 1960's. Block and stucco construction due to strict hurricane building codes, cement tile roofs, decorative coral rock and of course plenty of ubiquitous palm trees. Plain but pretty and newer homes tend to have a totally different and more modern look.

front doors mint green miami

I was first attracted to our home by the well established area, tons of mature trees and the school district. Our first starter home that we purchased before we were even married was in a new neighborhood of wood frame homes and since my husband is in construction he had been fearful of those homes being like matchsticks in hurricanes. Turns out...

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire- Flowers

I'm all about sharing and spreading joy and today I'm starting a new series to introduce you to some of my very favorite Instagram accounts. Are you on Instagram? I love the platform and am there daily and you can find my account Shabbyfufu HERE. It doesn't matter how large or small...I'm sharing what inspires me and I hope that you visit them! Let's get started with a floral fantasy...

blush pink peonies

This is from my friend Tricia at A Rosy Note who inspires with her feminine photography of florals.

How To Live With White In A Casual Home

White is one of the most classic of interior design looks, as it's quiet, serene and doesn’t demand attention. White is so stylish and inviting and sets the base for so many looks from coastal to farmhouse to elegantly chic.


White can be a challenging color to live with when sticky handed children, muddy paws, wine and food are taken into decorating consideration. Don't let that deter you's a gorgeous base and that I have loved for years! Here are my top tips on how to live with the all-white look...

Dare To Be Different In Decorating - And Life

A sun washed view and progress being made with the beach home this weekend! You can see how the light pours in here first thing in the morning from the beach and the barstools look so good now that they've been painted white. Before and afters live in this post if you are curious.

Some months back I had my heart set on some other barstools after seeing this style in cafes all over France for years and recently on several websites.

Beautiful Bloggers Summer Home Tour Round Up

If you could only see inside a few rooms in our home right now, you might know why I haven't worked on a full summer home tour post this year. I'm waiting for a friend to make up her mind if she wants to take some pieces that I'm clearing out to put on consignment, so they sit...cluttering up my living room and master bedroom. But here's something nice to look at from the past.


Not only is it honestly messy now, but the last few weeks have given us some brutally hot and humid weather and my husband has had a hacking, sneezing, wheezing and snoring cold the likes of which I've never seen him have before! So things aren't getting done and today we head up to the beach retreat to get some work done on our remodel up there. Such exciting things happening there and I'm so grateful to be partnering with some amazing brands!

How To Make Realistic Paper Garden Flowers

It's been raining non stop for the last several days and that has me inside drinking tea and working on a variety of projects. Do you notice anything about this flower arrangement that I put together today?

floral arrangement with david austin roses

It can be rather frustrating when the rest of the country has gorgeous garden flowers growing or available at the grocery store or wholesale flower market and here it's slim pickings. I have to get creative and am going to share a tutorial today on an easy craft that I think you flower lovers will enjoy! See how and keep reading:

Saturday At Home With French Bistro Finds

With summer unofficially here after Memorial Day weekend, everyone seems to be turning their attention to outdoor living. I suppose that the difference in living where I do, it's summer year round and we always live outside!  So in our weekly edition of Home Style Saturdays I'm sharing a much loved post below that will show you how to make your own OIL LANTERN CANDLES in just a few minutes time.

But first I put together a look book for you of affiliate products that are all FRENCH BISTRO INSPIRED for outdoor living. Please enjoy and you can click on any of the links to shop the look...

Fresh Updates On The Beach House Kitchen Remodel

It's been a whole lot of fun seeing this kitchen at the beach house come together and we spent a few days up there this past weekend mostly working. Right now you might think that it looks like the White House, but color will be added to varying degrees as we move along further.


No full reveal just yet, but here are a few updates that we made this weekend and for more...I'd love for you to follow along on my Instagram feed for live videos and more daily shots! Here's what's new...

How To Create A Tropical Garden Look Anywhere

I've been posting a lot of outdoor settings in our yard and gardens lately and I hope that you've been enjoying them and finding inspiration for your garden. Since I live in a very tropical climate, my garden is quite green and lush year round.

pink ginger flowers in a pot

I love how I can go out and clip something from my garden year round like these Pink Ginger flowers. You can often find these in the floral department of some grocery stores and not just down here in Miami. Roses...ours are so different and nothing like yours.

Why Patriotic Decor Doesn't Have To Be Bold

Dislike bold color? Pastels can be a bit of a gutsy move when it comes to decorating for a patriotic holiday, but I feel that subtle statements are always best.

I'm a flag waving patriot as much as the next guy and with both Memorial Day and the 4th Of July coming up I will be hanging that American flag proudly on our front porch. When it comes to the inside of my home, I prefer pastels and I wanted to share what I've put together to inspire you.

5 Easy Outdoor Entertaining Tips To Impress Your Guests

When I'm a guest in someone's home, I'm easily impressed if they are genuine and try and make me feel as if they've put just a little bit of effort into having me there. Do you know what I mean? Honestly I don't need a marching band full of monkeys, but even paper plates can be brought to a higher level with some thought and planning.


No surprise that I was inspired for this tablescape by flowers and right now the garden roses from my local florist are killing it with immense beauty! Today I'm joining with a few friends to bring you some summer ideas, sponsored by Amara. Be sure to visit the other posts linked at the bottom of this post. But first...let me share some of my entertaining tips for summer with you today, outdoors on my covered porch.

How To Get An Amazing Night's Sleep

Do you have issues getting a good night's sleep like many of us do? The party seems to be over once we start having kids when we have to keep an ear open for that crying baby at night. Then as women age and menopause comes along, sleep deprivation turns into a steam room that gets us out of bed to cool off!

white bedroom shabbyfufu

It seems to be a one sided deal and men aren't as affected which is totally unfair! Right?