Winter Decorating Ideas - Home Inspiration

It's not even winter yet, but many of us are decorated for Christmas. But not everyone does Christmas and when decorating for winter I like to keep things neutral and bring in natural elements to keep things cozy. Texture is important and elements like wood tones, ice tones, silvered leaves, candles, woven baskets and faux fur will keep you thinking warmth! I've partnered with Amara and their Home Inspiration program to give you some ideas for your home.

authentic antique bergere chair

Ice tones might sound cold, but they bring in light and a glow to a winter room.

20 Hostess Gift Ideas For Christmas - Under $20

Hi friends! Are you looking for that special gift to bring to the hostess? It's not always easy to find something that will be the right fit for your friend, co-worker, neighbor or perhaps someone that you just don't know very well. You're sure to find something in these gift ideas are varied enough for just about any event that you'll be attending this season and they are all priced at under $20.


I hope that you enjoy the authentic gift guide series that I've provided over this season. Most of the items I either have in my home or have given as gifts and that is why I recommend them...

Table Setting Guides And Useful Free Gifts For You

Happy weekend lovely friends! Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I thought that I'd ask...are you hosting? Truth be told I do miss the Thanksgiving feasts of yore at my home, and used to host extended family and friends and loved it. Nowadays it's very quiet for this holiday as everyone is scattered out, some are no longer with us and some are now grown up and make their own plans.


So it will be quiet for us but I still plan on making a lovely dinner to be shared by my husband and one daughter who in town. If you need some last minute ideas I have a few posts that perhaps you missed like THIS ONE that has lots of free Thanksgiving graphics for you.

Design Ideas For The Entryway At Christmas

I'm sharing the entryway of my home decorated for Christmas today. I'm not really sure why I don't share this area much because when I fluff it up a bit it does reflect my Romantic French country style pretty well. Come on in...literally, as I'm sharing a few tips! Scroll your way down because there is a $500 GIVEAWAY at the end of the post, sponsored by Kirklands.

kirklands cedar wreaths

Entryways or foyers (as more formally known) set the tone for those who ENTER our home. Where I live in South Florida mudrooms or back door entries are not a thing, so you have one shot at making it look good.

Style Showcase 5 - Your Destination For Home Decor Inspiration

Hi friends and welcome to Style Showcase number 5, the new weekly link party that features home decor and DIY bloggers both from their blogs AND their Instagram accounts. It seems that so many home decorating enthusiasts are now perusing the pages of Instagram, so we are excited to have added Instagram to this party and feature talented accounts to go to for inspiration!


If you'd like to link up, please know that you’re welcome to link up an Instagram post directly here. If we decide to feature your Instagram post, we’ll include a link to your blog, and if you don't have a blog that's okay too. We truly want everyone to be inspired and are happy to have you here.

Secrets and Tips For Decorating White Christmas Trees

This post is about WHITE CHRISTMAS TREES and how to take them beyond the way that they come to you in the box! Take it and make it gorgeous with a few tips and go from the box variety to a WHITE CHRISTMAS TREEE that has a LUSH LOOK!


I've had several white Christmas trees over the years and generally speaking they don't last more than a season or two and need to be replaced or reworked.

How To Create A Beautifully French Country Christmas

French country style has been making a renaissance appearance as of late, and I've been seeing and feeling it more in the softer side of decorating. Today I'm sharing the beginnings of my French country style Christmas that I've started in the dining room. It's doesn't have to be just about mustard yellow and farm animals and definitely isn't for me!


Some of the most inspiring homes in France that I've had the pleasure of spending time in have a similar palette to what I embrace and I can't wait to go back again soon. 

3 Hottest Christmas Decorating Trends To Try

I don't know about you, but I have Christmas on my mind and started decorating this week! Some of you may not be in the "let's decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving camp", but as a blogger I have two posts coming next week and we share to inspire. Today I'm talking Christmas decorating trends for 2017 that I've seen and although I'm not necessarily a trend follower I thought that I'd share what I've seen when out and about.

dreamy whites christmas

Pretty Pink Christmas Tree Decorations and Pink Holiday Decor

Today's post is about something that I'm somewhat passionate about...the color pink! Pink Christmas trees to be exact and you can find actual pink Christmas trees for sale in so many stores. Pink Christmas trees with lights would really be pretty in a girl's room, but if you don't want to go the whole enchilada just decorate your tree with some pink embellishments.


My go to decor color for every season is blush pink and for Christmas it's a nice subtle look.

20 Thanksgiving Place Card Ideas and Free Printables

In this post I have some ideas for you to create your own Thanksgiving place cards that will stand out and be appreciated by your guests. The Thanksgiving dinner menu has been my job for as long as I can remember and I love to cook the Thanksgiving side dishes that I learned by watching my dad as a child. It's all about making memories and family and these place cards can be made ahead of time for less stress.


Style Showcase 4 - Your Destination For Home Decor Inspiration

Hi friends and welcome to Style Showcase 3, the new weekly link party that features home decor and DIY bloggers both from their blogs AND their Instagram accounts. It seems that so many home decorating enthusiasts are now perusing the pages of Instagram, so we are excited to have added Instagram to this party and feature talented accounts to go to for inspiration!


If you'd like to link up, please know that you’re welcome to link up an Instagram post directly here. If we decide to feature your Instagram post, we’ll include a link to your blog, and if you don't have a blog that's okay too. We truly want everyone to be inspired and are happy to have you here. 

Things To Do In Panama City Beach Florida - Travels

Today I'm stepping away from Miami to tell you about a fun trip that I just returned from last night to Panama City Beach, Florida. Although I've lived in Florida for most of my life I have never spent any time in the Panhandle region and I know that I'll be back to explore some more!


The beaches are the draw for tourism to Panama City Beach but I was surprised and impressed with all that there is to do in the area! This was the view from the 17th floor in the condo that I was provided with and the 3 bedroom roomy corner home in the sky became the hangout in our downtime for myself and a couple of blog friends who were on the trip as well.

Pink Pinecones - Mirrors - Thanksgiving Tables and Homemade Scents

It's full on fall for sure here although we never have fall weather where I live in Miami. I can pretend though and right now I'm on a blog trip with Christmas on the way to style once I return! 


It's time for Home Style Saturdays with lots of fabulous inspiration for you to let's get started...

Style Showcase 3 - Your Stylish Blog And Instagram Link Party

Welcome in to Style Showcase week number 3 and Happy November! We really appreciate your support of our new blog and INSTAGRAM showcase and hope that you find lots of new blogs and Instagram accounts to follow...which is our goal. I've been on Instagram almost since it's inception and you'll find me at SHABBYFUFU (but of course;-).


How To Make Fake Flower Napkin Rings In 5 Minutes

I just love quick crafts and I think that you do too! Patience may be a virtue but in terms of making things my time is so limited and I'm going to be sharing a craft today that takes just 5 minutes. I'm not'll see how to make these beautiful napkin rings on my table that quickly with easy to source materials!


Intrigued? Let's do this and see how easy beauty in the home can be...

20 Beautiful Decorating Books - Gift Guide

Today's post is about some of my favorite decorating books and each of these would be perfect for giving as a gift for any of your decorating or design loving friends! I either own or have perused through all of these books and truly feel that they are amongst the best decorating books in print today!


As I sit and read the Sunday New York Times I realize how much I enjoy holding a printed piece in my hands and not just always my laptop. The feel of the paper, the crinkling of pages...and as far as

Secrets To Painting Pinecones For Christmas The Right Way

Today's post is about getting ready to decorate for the holidays with some homemade pinecone crafts for Christmas that you can keep or give as gifts.


With the month of November looming and the holidays coming quickly I have been starting to plan that all important holiday decor.

For The Love Of - Antique French Decor On Etsy

Time for relaxing for some, but truth be told that when you work for yourself there is pretty much no such thing as a weekend! We've been trying to get the garden shaped up here post hurricane, but still have such a long way to go.

antique french marriage crown

Still no fences, but they have started and I'm hoping that by the time cooler weather rolls around we will be able to be outside and not have to worry about the dogs running off to who knows where. But today it's time for Home Style Saturdays and here's a little background on our series and how it started...

Simple Foolproof Ways To Decorate With Crates

In today's post I'm inspired by some of the displays that I recently saw when out shopping and have adapted to my own style. I love fast and not too complex, and I am guessing that you do too.

bottles and storage crates display

Crates are one of my secret weapons for many household needs from entertaining to storage and carting things around. I have probably far too many crates and should downsize at some point (and I promise...I will) but hardly a week goes by where I don't use a crate and you should too! Here are some of my favorite ways...

Abundant Thanksgiving Table With Elegant Copper

An abundant Thanksgiving table doesn't need to be defined by too much food! I love an elegant table covered in copper and velvet pumpkins and as always I have some tips for you to achieve a luxe look in your own style!

We serve our Thanksgiving meal buffet style in our home and set everything up at the kitchen island for guests to help themselves. I just really prefer entertaining that way in general, keeping the food off of the table and on our plates only to be eaten and savored!

Style Showcase - 2 - Your Blog and Instagram Style Inspiration

It's time again for our new weekly link party called STYLE SHOWCASE, where we feature 4 of our favorite links within the party showcasing both the BLOG and the INSTAGRAM account of each one! Instagram is definitely a place that I love and have made some great friends there and the inspiration is just mind blowing! 


Easy Steps For An Inviting English Country Style

What comes to mind for you when you dream about the English countryside? Is it thatched roofs and bucolic country roads laced with majestic floral gardens?

white vintage caned chair with flowers shabbyfufu

Do you envision yourself in a rich manor with mahogany furnishings and lots of velvets and tassels? What about pedigreed oil portraits and luxe tapestries hanging alongside bookcases filled with leather bound and gilded books? All of that is pretty formal and for my personal style it would be too stuffy. I think of English Country Style as being relaxed and liveable.

How To Style Place Settings And Mix Patterns Up

I'm not going to lie...I have more than a slight obsession with dishes and every single time that I bring home a new set or just a few single pieces of mismatched china I get that giant eyeroll from my husband. Come on now...admit it. You know just what I am talking about!

antique and new dish stack

12 Top Gifts For Dogs Curated By A Pro

If you love dogs, have dogs or care about dogs there are lots of products these days on the market to keep both you AND your precious pet happy and safe! One of my daughters is in the pet care business and if there is anyone that could pick the best trustworthy dog products it's her! We love our dogs and always give them dog gifts for the holidays, so if you are thinking all things dog I have a great little guide to share with you today. 

cavalier king charles spaniels shabbyfufu dogs

20 Jaw Dropping Ways To Recycle Old Books

I was talking with a friend today about books and the fact that a great leather bound read is basically a thing of the past that doesn't seem to hold as much value in today's world. Are you old enough to remember having to actually look things up in a dictionary or encyclopedia pre Google?


Maybe you can chime in because I don't know very many school age children and wondering if everything has gone tablet yet? What about on college campuses? Do books still hold value in your life and do you love to hold them in your hand, as I do? Books have so many ways to recycle once you are finished reading them. Definitely not jaw dropping, but pass that novel that you are reading along to a friend or donate to the local library or thrift shop.

I love to make things when time permits and shared this DIY on HOW TO AGE A NEW BOOK


Another no fail fun project that I shared shows you  HOW TO MAKE A UNIQUE BOOK RUNNERso if you have some spare old paperbacks on hand check it out!


And I shared this super CUTE wall that I spotted when I work with the Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market from Joanna Gaines' showroom Magnolia Homes. This would be a fun temporary installment in your kiddo's playroom! 


Today I've gathered up 20 of the BEST WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD BOOKS for you from some talented bloggers. Check them out and let me know if you plan on creating anything in this list! 

Don't forget to enter for a chance to WIN a $100 GIFT CARD to AMAZON by leaving a comment on this, or any post this month! Scroll to the bottom for that...

old books recycling ideas

  1. DIY Book Blinding Hiding Spot from
  2. DIY Gift Box From A Vintage Book from
  3. Custom Portable Art Case from
  4. DIY Book Headboard from
  5. Homemade Book Clutch from
  6. DIY Paper Book Pumpkins from
  7. Book Clock from
  8. DIY Vintage Book Page Coasters from
  9. DIY Projects The Book Vase from
  10. Recycled Book Page Butterfly Wreath from
  11. DIY Mini Book Page Wreath from
  12. Wall Shelf From Faux Vintage Books from
  13. DIY Phone Book Coasters from
  14. DIY Knife Holder Made From Upcycled Books from
  15. DIY Book Page Frame Collage from
  16. How To Make A Book Lamp from
  17. Vintage Book Tablet Case from
  18. DIY Book Flower from
  19. DIY Book Business Card Holder from
  20. Easy Gem Book Sculpture from





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Fifteen Things to Have on Hand For Overnight Guests

I love having friends or family come to visit and sometimes it is a planned and sometimes they end up dropping by. During the holiday season I try to have several items on hand for those "just in case" moments! I feel more inclined to offer for them to stay knowing that I'm somewhat prepared. Today I'm sharing my fifteen favorite things I keep on standby to host like a pro!

guest room overnight guests

I also have a $100 Gift Certificate giveaway to Amazon at the bottom of this post, so keep on scrolling to the bottom of this post for that!

6 Metallic Home Decor Kitchen Accents To Love

Hi friend! I'm not one to follow every trend that comes along and certainly prefer objects with a timeless quality. That being said, it does seem as if metallics have been very much favored as of late if you follow along with the decor magazines and shops.

copper bowl and aqua beach glass bottles

I've ALWAYS had a love of all metallics and have incorporated tones of copper, silver and gold in our homes forever and a day! Not to mention jewelry...and I love a pretty gold ring as much as you probably do ;-) Home accents can be the jewelry of the home, whether it be a copper cooking pan hung on a display rack, a silver photo frame or gold cabinet handles in the kitchen.

Cozy Throws For Fall And Winter Snuggling

I'm not sure where this week has gone my friends, but it has zipped right by! Has it started to cool off where you live yet? I think that just maybe the evenings here are a couple of degrees cooler and I'm ready to sit outside when possible with a cozy throw or to sit and watch tv and do some snuggling ;-)

Cozy Throws For Fall And Winter Snuggling


The warmth of that holiday season is almost here, and I want to help you get some ideas for getting in the mood with a new series every Friday! I also have a $100 Gift Certificate giveaway to tell you about at the bottom of this post, so keep on scrolling for that...

For The Love Of French Decor - 10 Pillows Under $10

Hi friends! It's a new week and I have some fun things planned to share with you! I was just reading that Christmas is less than 100 days away (yikes!) and I'm going to be sharing some ways to get your home and gifting ready for the holiday season. There's going to be something coming for everyone...from home styling tips, shopping guides, DIY and things that you'll EASILY be able to handle and with all budgets in mind.


Today I'm sharing 10 of my very favorite FRENCH STYLE PILLOWS that are all from AMAZON and they are all so AFFORDABLE! I am a true, true believer that you don't have to break the budget to decorate with a relaxed elegance and grace.

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies That Will Blow Your Mind!

I've been making some lifestyle changes over here and they've been much needed for awhile now. To be honest, I feel as if I've been failing miserably lately at that all important work/life balance. I'm going to share more of what I've been up with you soon and it's really quite interesting. But for today I will say that one of the changes that I've made is to eliminate all dairy and gluten from my eating routine. I have a recipe to share that I've made twice this week. It's THAT GOOD! 

chocolate chip cookies on a plate shabbyfufu

18 Amazing Lights That Will Turn You Into A Decorating Whiz

Do you love lighting and feel that lamps and chandeliers are the jewels of the room as I do?

Just one fixture can do so much to make your room look complete and in my own home I have a combination of both old and new. When you think about lighting, it can be looked at as either a finishing touch or as a starting point. I love French style decor but not anything too stuffy, so I think that this vintage chandelier in my living room fits the bill for my style.

vintage french crystal chandelier

I'm looking to replace a few other fixtures because rooms (as I've talked about before) should be ever changing either seasonally or as time goes on. There are so many simple ways to make changes to a room, but today I'm focusing on lighting...

What You Need To Know About Flower Styling On A Budget

Do you love pretty flowers and need some inspiration on how to work within your budget to create a beautiful table? I have a few secrets and just put together a quick (yes, QUICK) tablescape For this table centerpiece I took some things that I already had and then a quick trip to the grocery store. Let's get right into it (and my secret:-)...


Why I Blog In This Sad And Crazy World

I had such a great weekend with the family being together (the famjam;-) , which once the kids are grown up can be a rare treat! My girls are very private in nature and don't like me to share their pics on the blog any longer, and since they are young adults now I do respect that.


We are still in clean up mode here from Hurricane Irma and making progress! The huge trash piles are being picked up in our neighborhood and hopefully we will be able to get some new fences put up soon.


These are really life's minor inconveniences though, and I do know that in the grand scheme of things. I'm feeling sad today for what happened in Vegas with the shooting and feeling unsettled about the state of so much that is wrong in the world today. My blog though isn't political and I feel that I have a purpose in this sad and crazy society.


Just to bring beauty and light and to inspire. When you love what you do it's not that difficult to take time to see grace in the every day. Growing up I always felt a little bit different because I was that kid who stopped what I was doing to study a simple flower. To look at the lines, to see the movement, to smell it and to notice the variations in color. To bring in some colored rocks and arrange them on the nightstand in my bedroom. Seeing the glimmers of light in the flecks of metal embedded in the granite pebbles that I dug from the yard. To find new purposes for objects that I'd find outside for free and find allure in the broken and tattered. Not much has changed and we really don't as we get older. We are who we were born to be and to discover one's purpose is truly a gift.


I'm a blogger, crafter, seller of objects, social media influencer, writer...often all of the aforementioned and sometimes just one. In this crazy and insane world I have to sometimes bury my head in the sand and stay in my lane and just bring whatever bit of loveliness I can to anyone that I reach and touch.


And this is why I continue to blog my friends and although there have been many times this year when I've been discouraged I keep going. One photo after the next and enjoying the journey while turning off thoughts of the destination.


Have a wonderful day and let's lift each-other up and think about all of the world's beauty to absorb and to share.

20 Things That Any Woman Would Love

It's pretty rare for me to go to the mall these days, or out to shop for things like home products, cosmetics and clothing. I'm not sure if you'd call it being lazy, but there is so much to do in daily life and with on-line shopping growing by leaps and bounds things have definitely changed. Have you noticed that in many stores you find something that you like, but not in the color or size that you're after?

Inventory is at an all time low and it's just a fact of life that I think we need to adapt too. Since I work at home I'm able to get much more done by having things delivered. Some of the every day things like