Twenty Terrific and Creative Photo Display Ideas

Are you one of those people? You know...that puts every family moment into print and proudly displays photos everywhere?

creative photo display ideas diy with 20 top bloggers

When I go to visit my mom
she has photos plastered on the fridge of the grandchildren at every single stage of their lives. Not only on the fridge...but on her etagere, the coffee table, the nightstands and I think the only rooms barren of those snaps might be the two bathrooms in her condo:-). I guess that is pretty typical for a grandma and perhaps if the day ever comes that I'm one I will do the same. However...I'm into decluttering mode and honestly don't want to dust every surface. I think that I'm more likely to hang photos on the wall or take a cue from some of my blogging friends rounded up below and DIY a project. Let's see what they have to show us...everything that I used in this collage is linked with a DIY for you to check out for inspiration.

Twenty Terrific and Creative Photo Display Ideas

  1. DIY Hanging Photo Shelf from
  2. Instagram Polaroid Block Gallery Wall from
  3. Copper Photo Holders from
  4. DIY Photo Timeline For A Baby's Nursery from
  5. Photo Ledge DIY from
  6. DIY 3D Shadow Box Paper Frames. from
  7. DIY Art from
  8. DIY Modern Photo Wall Hanging from
  9. DIY Photo Cube Shelves from
  10. DIY Poster Hanger from
  11. DIY Marble Photo Holder from
  12. DIY House Photo Display from
  13. DIY $6 Photo Display from
  14. DIY Mini Photo Christmas Tree from
  15. Copper Wire Photo Display from
  16. DIY Mini Mountain Photo Holders from
  17. DIY Photo Frame Grid from
  18. DIY Magnetic Photo Holder from
  19. DIY Wood Knob Photo Holders from
  20. Instagram Photos Wall Art from
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