How To Decorate A Creative Valentines Day Mantel - 20 Ways

There really are no rules in my book of decorating...and by the way if you sign up for my mailing list I really AM working on a small book that I hope to finish soon and offer free to my subscribers!


Back to decorating and rule breaking, it's your home and your haven and you should be able to decorate according to YOUR own taste and style. I get kind of miffed when


I read some big designer blogs (and some small ones) that dictate how you should decorate according to their "expert" standards. Do you feel that way too? My design and mostly my art background tell me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it's your house or apt and you should make it beautiful and livable for you and your family.

No. One. Else. Matters.


Trends come and trends go. I've been around much longer that I care to admit and have seen and experienced trend drift. One day it's in and the next day it's design, collect and evolve over time and you won't go wrong. Simple backgrounds, some striking architectural element in the main rooms, a soft place to land (as in...SIT) and you are good to go. Change out the accessories seasonally and edit, and purge. Trend wise stick to the inexpensive because I pretty much guarantee that the farmhouse sign or the boho wall hanging will be something that you'll put in the donation pile in ten years time.


This is what I truly LOVE about decorating and designing SEASONALLY. You keep your decor the same and simply add a few pops to the room with accessories. Hint...this is what my e-book is about so scroll to the end of this post and sign up for access when it's finished ;-) 

My living room mantel is super, super simple this year for Valentines Day and I'm kind of LOVING IT. Granted, I've been busy and I might do a bit more with flowers as the month goes on. I tacked up an inexpensive tassel garland that I purchased last year and cut a large PINK Ginger flower from my tropical garden and plopped it into a vintage French Limoges chocolate pot filled with water. That took me all of 5 minutes! A few candles, old books, vintage bottles and some pink accent pillows would round out the room nicely for February. I'll be back soon to show you more.

For more on my VALENTINES DAY DECORATING...I have everything grouped nicely for you RIGHT HERE!

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