Boating Fun In Miami With Effective Wearable Technology

This post is sponsored by ReliefBand.


When you live in Miami as I do, it's pretty obvious that you are surrounded by water and most people grow to love the lifestyle that we have here. I've lived here most of my life and honestly don't think that I could ever live inland and be happy. My husband and I enjoy being around and in the water, (see me smiling:-) 
I love boating when we can. Does boating love me though? Maybe not so much, and I was one of those kids who had motion sickness if you spun me around a couple of times. It wasn't all...but I'm an adventurous spirit and never let that stop me from my love of travel. 


I have to be prepared though when I travel and ALWAYS have some medicine at my side just in case things get rough. The problem with these over the counter medicines is that they tend to make me sleepy as a side effect. That's not fun when you are trying to keep up with everyone and have a great time! 


When I had the chance to work with Reliefband I knew that this would be a product that I NEEDED to have in my ocean going, sea loving, wanderlust traveler life! Did you know that I'm not alone and motion sickness affects around 40 MILLION people in the U.S? That can mean no cruise ships and sidelining yourself. 


Reliefband is an FDA clinically tested wearable device to help control nausea and retching and vomiting from motion sickness. It kind of looks like a watch, which to me is a plus because I've worn those behind the ear patches and not only did they fail to work for me...they look silly. Relief band is worn on the underside of your wrist, sending gentle pulses to rebalance the signals that cause nausea and vomiting so you're back in control of your body in a few minutes. With 5 different settings, you can adjust the pulses to match your body's needs. 



First you apply the conductivity gel that hydrates the skin with electrolytes. 


Then you position the band over the gelled area and attach it to the wrist like a watch.


It gives gentle pulses when you turn it on and is very comfortable and adjustable to your own body's needs. So...if like me you have tried everything (and I definitely HAVE!) it's worth trying the RELIEFBAND and see if you get some...relief. I can't wait to travel in 2017 and since I have some trips on the horizon I'll be bringing my Reliefband along! 

I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own.