Organize Your Life With 25 Sweet Stylish Storage Bins

Everyone has been talking about organization and storage these days, and I have to agree that when the old year closes and a new one begins, it's a great time to clear up the clutter. 


I've been doing that in my home and I don't know exactly why, but as much as I clear out of here there is always too much stuff! Last year at this time I took a trailer full of vintage items up to...

a show with my friend Cindy and over the course of 3 days of wheeling and dealing I downsized a lot of vintage and collectibles that I've had for years. Whoot! Then I came back and put a whole lot of loot on my website and that is all being enjoyed now by other collectors. I'm getting ready to do that again and I have some great stuff to pare stay tuned for that soon. 

The hatboxes? I knew that you were going to ask, and they sold last year...but give me a bit of time to go through my storage and I'll see what I can dig up for you. By the way, HATBOXES are so great for storage and everything looks better in multiples:-)


One of my favorite useful and versatile ways to store items in my home is by having lots and lots of baskets and buckets on hand. Versatility is key when you want to pare down. This is a carpet bag from Capel Rugs and I have a bucket inside of it to hold the water and flowers, but I use it for holding throws next to a chair and sometimes for magazine storage as well. Awesome storage bin and happen to love soft baskets like this one.


A vintage olive bucket holding flowers, faux in this case...and I photographed this in the spring. At the moment it's holding firewood beside the mantel in our master bedroom and it sometimes is used as a storage container for papers beside my desk.

You know this DIY FLOWER BUCKET by now and when I don't have flowers on hand I use it for towel storage by the pool or in the laundry room. How's that for DIY VERSATILITY and I have rounded up TWENTY more DIY STORAGE BINS for you below. MAKE IT...with my diy found HERE.

  1. DIY Felt Storage Bin from
  2. DIY Storage Box Using Denim (IKEA Pingla Hack) from
  3. DIY Bulk Bins from
  4. No Sew Storage Bins From Diaper Boxes from
  5. DIY Pillowfort Box Hack†from
  6. Make A Craft Organizer from
  7. DIY Recycled Toy Storage Bin from
  8. Laundry Hamper Liner DIY from
  9. How To Make A Cotton Canvas Storage Bin from
  10. Reversible Fabric Storage Bins†from
  11. Fabric Storage Bin With Zazzle from
  12. DIY Numbered Storage Bins from
  13. DIY Wooden Toy Bins from
  14. How To Make Simple Felt Storage Bins from
  15. Leather &†Stripe Storage Bin†from
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  17. Dollar Store Storage Bins With Custom Metal Tags†from
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  19. Wonderful DIY Storage Tote From Carboard from
  20. How To Make A Custom Pet Toy Storage Bin†from

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