My Ten Favorite Things At Orchard Supply Hardware

As you may have seen if you follow me on either Facebook or Instagram, I worked for a couple of days over the weekend doing design and color consulting with ORCHARD SUPPLY HARDWARE. I'm really so thrilled to be working with them as a brand ambassador and am more impressed every single time I walk into one of their stores!

janet coon shabbyfufublog

Let's be women is crazy about putting an image of herself out there and I'm certainly not, but I'm comfortable enough in my own skin and expertise to do color and design consulting and was right in my element here! One of the most interesting customers was a lady who told me that she and her husband are both color blind and they wanted some help in matching some existing colors to fresh paint with Benjamin Moore. I was so happy to let her know about something that makes it EASY, so read on to find out about this breakthrough!
benjamin moore color capture app

It's been around for awhile, but if you haven't heard about it...Color Capture is an app from Benjamin Moore and it's free to download on the app store for your smart phone. You simply snap a picture from any source and instantly get it's match from Benjamin Moore's over 3,300 colors. My husband and I have been playing around with it to get just the right shade of pale grey, as we prepare to paint the exterior of our home. It's truly amazing...find out more from Benjamin Moore.

And now I thought that it would be fun to show you some of my favorites, as I had a couple of days to peruse and snoop around the store;-)


1. Paint and "Moore" Paint

Along with Orchard Supply Hardware, I was partnering with Benjamin Moore over the weekend and my first favorite would be their line of those 3,300 paints. As a trained artist and former art teacher I truly can appreciate color and as the wife of a construction business owner I've seen lots of paint over the years. We use this brand and feel that it gives you the best coverage, saving time and actually money in the long run because you don't have to be constantly repainting. Plus a wall of color samples like this gives lots of visuals to the buyer.

benjamin moore paints color palette

2. Grilling (and seriously chilling, since HE does it:-)

In our home I do all of the cooking as that's part of the deal around here;-) I cook and he does the dishes and  it works for us! The cooking that he LOVES to do is the grilling, and that ALSO works for us because I don't mind giving him that task. Our grill though is old as the hills, so something like this GORGEOUS Weber Grill in a COPPER finish may just be coming his way for Father's Day this year. STUNNING...don't you think?

copper weber grill

3. Farmhouse Style Rolling Table

Alert, I truly love this table! You know...that high end R store that has industrial pieces that look just like this, but at a much higher price point? I could think of a thousand places to use this rolling table, from the kitchen to the patio for that grill area to a farmhouse style living room against the wall for treasures. So handy and well made...I did thoroughly check it out!

farmhouse rolling table

4. Love Of Lanterns

Again I'm thinking of that same store, where I actually purchased a very similar lantern to the ones below a year or so ago. Well that was before Orchard Supply Hardware hit the block here in Florida and now I know where to go for "go to's" like these. They have a HUGE selection of lanterns for the deck for the upcoming season.

restoration hardware knock off lanterns

5. Laura Ashley Garden Accessories

I mean...doesn't this collection have my name written all over it...hah! There are a couple of other patterns as well, but the pink florals on the Laura Ashley Garden Collection could make a rusty thumb turn green!

laura ashley garden collection

6. The French Garden

Did I really see these at a hardware store? OSH has a lot of accessories like garden statues, jars and jugs...not even to mention the huge pottery stash in the garden department as well. I think that the HUGE French pottery jug that I found would be a great place for for stashing a collection of gardening hand tools or a bag of potting soil. This is just a small shot of what was in the store that day.

french garden collection

7. Bleeding Heart Vine

I don't want to totally limit my seventh choice to these lovely outdoor garden flowers, but the color was perfect for my garden and maybe yours too if you love pink like I do. The garden area is large and the employees are friendly and knowledgeable in all things garden.

bleeding heart vine for Florida gardens

8. Krylon Metallic Paint

Hello beautiful GOLD, COPPER and SILVER! I can't wait to play some more with these paints that I have big plans for soon. I've shopped for lots of metallic paints recently and used various brands and in my humble opinion, Krylon metallic spray paints are the best out there.

krylon metaliic paint line gold copper

9. Tape, Tape, TAPE

Keeping in mind that Orchard Supply isn't a craft store, honestly I was surprised and happy to see so many rolls of EYE CANDY colors of tape all lined up in rows! These are just some of the colorful masking tapes and I see so many project possibilities that my head is spinning in circles.

colorful making tape

10. Glittery Chandelier

Everywhere I go I'm self trained to look up and see what beauty is beyond what lies directly in front. This baby was my favorite of several chandeliers in the store and at an incredible price point.

crystal beaded chandelier

I hope that you enjoyed my tour and if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of an ORCHARD SUPPLY HARDWARE stop on in and I can pretty much guarantee that you'll come out with a smile on your face. 
This post was sponsored by Orchard Supply Hardware but all opinions are honest and my own.