How To Make A DIY Gold Cupcake Stand

Today I'm talking about a DIY and flea market shopping and creating something new from something old. I love to have my friends over and entertain when possible and I'm not the paper plate type of girl, so I always set out something special.

We have lived in our home for over 25 years now and it's insane how quickly the years have passed! Our kiddos grew up here, we went through several hurricanes in this home, lots of girl scout years,
parties, entertaining and all sorts of memories stored away in our minds. We have stayed in our home for several reasons and probably the biggest reason is our land, that we were so lucky to find.

We've looked at some other homes to possibly move over the years, but none had as much land and privacy and on a waterway like this one. Water lies just beyond the trees and it's very quiet.

We also have several neighbors that have lived here as long as we have and even longer. Our kids played with their kids, we went camping together and on trips and it's hard to break those kind of bonds even though all of the kids are grown and have moved on. One of our neighbors (and dear friend) recently went through a tough time and I wanted to do something meaningful for them. Showing a little love...

They have always been supportive of my DIY projects and I thought that it would be fun to make something for them that is useful as a couple that loves to entertain! We go back and forth entertaining and I can't wait to see how they use these at their home:-)

On a recent flea marketing adventure I found a bunch of pieces that I knew could be repurposed with some paint and a little bit of ingenuity. I have both ;-) and the paint was given to me by my friends at Krylon. The "junque" that I'm using in this project I've used in this SIMILAR POST and the bottles and other pieces will be for something later.

I LOVE the new METALLIC paints at Krylon, and this post is not sponsored by them...but if you are looking for the best metallic spray paints I recommend that you check out the selection. I am working with ORCHARD SUPPLY HARDWARE on this post and they foster the same NEIGHBOR HELPING NEIGHBOR attitude that we hold so dear in our neighborhood. The Krylon metallic paints can all be found at your local Orchard Supply Hardware.

I often work with lamp parts and pick them up when I find them, but in this case it's not for making lamps! I had a vision when I found these and the flea market vintage plates for creating serving stands. What composes a stand? Generally a base and a plate or some other flat piece for the top. First I cleaned all of my pieces up and got off any grease. Then I glued the bases of the lamp part to the plates with some heavy duty adhesive glue. To make it easier to see where the middle of the plates were, I put the plate face down and glued the top of the lamp base to the center of the back of the plate. Then I let them all dry overnight for the best adhesion.

Next I sprayed with my Krylon metallic paints and allowed to dry. The paints stick well to most surfaces as long as they are clean and the colors are pretty realistic. Do this outside, as all spray paint projects.

Now my friends have a trio of cupcake or cake stands that they can use and I was so happy to make them smile with this project. So'll want to try this one! Let me know if you have any questions, as always...and thank you to ORCHARD SUPPLY HARDWARE for sponsoring this NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS post. Pick up your monthly Orchard Supply Hardware circular to get inspiration for your spring home projects