Decorating Projects Currently In The Works

It's been a crazy busy February so far with lots of random news to report, and it seems as if I'm all over the map today.

This is how it looks on the living room mantel with spring on the way in full force in Florida and allergies off the charts for many, including me.

And in decorating, I'm all about light white and pastels...weeding out and keeping the decor more minimalistic and soft.

I haven't been home much lately and we have been spending more time lately at the beach home. It's been a frenzy when we are up there...and speaking of light and bright we have several projects under way that I'm excited to finally delve into and show you more of soon.

Three of the bedrooms are carpeted and we are refreshing them for an updated look. I'll be sharing more about that soon and why we do love carpet in certain parts of a home.

We spend some time shopping for counter material for the kitchen and went back to the stone yard at least 3 or 4 times to find just the right slabs. Not sure how happy they were with us to have to move them around, but I know what I like and finally found it ;-)

Back at our Miami house we are making changes as well, and this project was worked on today while I'm out of town for blog work.

And today I've been up at the Orchard Supply Hardware in Orlando that is now open. For more about the store you can visit their Facebook page. The more that I head into their stores, the more impressed I become ;-)

Have a wonderful Valentines Day everyone and see you soon with a DIY post in the works and more.